Report Structure
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A Report is divided into several sections with headers and footers. These sections are the Report, Detail, and Groups sections.
Report Help Pages
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Pages relating to reports.
How to Structure Sets
/documentation/pages/Desktop/Guide/Design/Data/Set/How to Structure Sets.xml
Each set design represents a particular view of the data in your databases. Reversing the database hierarchy can give you a different perspective on your data. The hierarchy in which you link databases is determined by what information you need to retrieve from the set. The INVENTORY set structure answer the question, "For a particular product, what is the name and address of the vendor who manufactured the product?" The VENDORS set structure answers the question, "Which product does each vendor manufacture?"
Repair Set Structure
/documentation/pages/Desktop/Guide/Design/Data/Set/Repair Set Structure.xml
The Fix Table Name in Set dialog allows you to fix table references in a set when the location of one or more tables in the set has changed.
Argument_List Data Structure
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The Argument_List data structure is a comma delimited list in the format:
The Quick Report Genie
/documentation/pages/Guides/Report/Quick Reports/The Quick Report Genie.xml
The new Quick Report Genie is considerably more useful (and attractive) than the old Genie. One key difference to note is that Quick Reports can be used as they are and saved for future editing. In contrast, the old Quick Report Genie was a one-shot, one-way starter for the Report Editor.
Report Methods
Methods for the Report object.
Report Functions
/documentation/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/Printable Layouts/Report Functions/index.xml
Functions for working with Reports in Alpha Anywhere
Report Properties
/documentation/pages/Guides/Report/Report Structure/Report Properties.xml
Report properties, head/foot properties, page properties, printer properties, window properties, and menu and toolbar properties.
How to Use the Report Editor
/documentation/pages/Guides/Report/Getting Started/How to Use the Report Editor.xml
Reports are a versatile type of layout for printing data. Reports can order and select the record, group related records, and perform calculations. Report layouts can divide pages into columns, display graphics, and include page headers and footers.