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Live Course

How would you like some free instruction from a leading Alpha Five developer and instructor who has thousands of hours of training experience in Alpha Five? Normally you would pay $199 for the course outlined below. We have the answers, and by the time you're done with this course, you'll know exactly what you need to do.

We're giving it to for free when you purchase one of the great offers in this mailing.

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Alpha Five is known for ease of use, but it has grown into an incredibly potent program that lets you build very complete desktop and web applications. We at Alpha Software don't want to just sell you our software. We really, really want to help you get the most use and value from it as possible. We want you to get a good and fast grounding in Alpha Five v9. And, more than anything else, we want you to begin to imagine the possibilities of what Alpha Five v9 can do for you, for your company or your organization.

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This is not just another video, lecture or demo

Books, videos, on-line tutorials are all nice, but what's better than a live person introducing you to Alpha Five v9? Better yet, suppose that person has years and years of experience in building real world applications in Alpha Five, is a skilled Alpha Five instructor and just can't wait to share his enthusiasm for Alpha Five v9 and all of its capabilities?

This isn't just a demo. This isn't just a video. It's online, interactive tutoring with an Alpha Five authority who wants to get you up and running. Now. Fast. Free.

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The course outline below is for general information and subject to change.

Agenda for the day of Alpha Five v9 Training

A quick look at everything to get oriented

Starting Alpha Five

  • Install Alpha Five - What and Where
  • Start Alpha Five
  • Choosing a Database

Start With Tables

  • Use Alpha Five as a Front End to Other Databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Enterprise DB, Postgress
  • Create a Table
  • Create Indexes
  • Add Field Rules (includes an overview of the power of Alpha Five v9's Field Rules)
  • Create a Mapped Table and see what you can do with Mapped Tables
  • Discussion: Where Is Everything Stored?

Connect the Tables with Sets

  • Create a Set - overview of how to think about data relationships

Build a User Interface with Forms

  • Tour the Form Editor
  • SuperControls and what they do for your application?
  • Make a Simple Form
  • Use the Drag-Drop List
  • How to view reports in Forms
  • How to add web content (such as Google Maps, UPS tracking etc) in Forms
  • Use the new v9 Alignment Tools
  • Stylesheets and how do I use them Tour the Form Editor
  • How to embed PDF documents in Forms
  • View and Understand Form Objects, Properties and Events
  • The Amazing Toolbox
  • Use the Query Genie and explore, Query by Form and Query by Example
  • Overview of SQL genie for creating powerful SQL queries without knowing SQL
  • Tour the Expression Builder

Browses - They're Best in Version 9

  • Create a Simple Browse
  • Edit Browse Properties
  • Use the Improved Scrollbar
  • Install a Smart Field
  • Add Bubble Help with hyperlinks in Browses
  • Explanation of possibilities with new Browse controls

Build Reports

  • Build a Report in 30 Seconds
  • Tour the Report Editor
  • Build a Report Using Tools You Already Know
  • Build a Relational Report (one-to-many)
  • Make an Interactive Report with the new Drill Down and Drill Through features
  • Save Your Reports in Other Formats such as HTML, PDF and Excel

Create Labels

  • Create a Label
  • Understand and use the Rich Text Object


  • Explore options for emailing from within Alpha Five
  • Understand the possibilities offered in terms of responding to inbound email

Save Time and Processes with Operations

  • Review Available Operations
  • Create an Update Operation
  • Create a Saved Export

Use the Code Tab

  • Overview of Code Tab
  • Build a Script with Action Scripting
  • Introduction to XBasic, and Build a Simple Script
  • XDialog: Watch a Demo of Building and Using It
  • Create a Custom Menu
  • Create a Custom Toolbar
  • Use the Interactive Window

Complete Your Desktop Application

  • Make a Main Menu Form
  • Add Security
  • Create a Desktop Shortcut
  • Overview of Packaging your application up for distribution through the Runtime

How Alpha Five lets you build Applications to run on the Internet or your Intranet

  • Discussion: What is an Alpha Five Web Application?
  • Tour the Web Projects Control Panel
  • Understand the Alpha Five Web Application Server
  • Establish Web Projects and Profiles
  • Using Alpha Five Web Pages
  • Web Components Overview
  • Alpha Five Security Overview
  • Understanding the LocalHost
  • How to Publish a Web Application

Create a Grid Component

  • Select A Data Source
  • Add Fields
  • Manage Field properties
  • Publish the Grid
  • Add a Search Part
  • Add a Detail View Part
  • Explore Grid Events
  • Insert to an .A5W page and publish

Create a Dialog Component

  • Create a Simple Dialog
  • Learn about Freeform Layouts
  • Explore Dialog Events

Set Up Security and a Login Component

  • Review and Understand the Security System
  • Set up Basic Security
  • Build and Publish a Login Component

Perform Magic with AJAX (for desktop-like performance) and Other V9 Features

  • How Version 9 Helps You Implement AJAX
  • The a5_AJAX_Callback() Function
  • The a5_AJAX_Form() Function
  • Directions to more help and examples
  • Popup Calendar
  • Faster Server

How to Get More Help and Learn More

  • Alpha Five Help File
  • Online Videos and Tutorials
  • The Message Board - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Summary, Thanks and Questions

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