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The Alpha Software Newsletter was created to help keep developers like you informed about everything that is happening in the world of Alpha Five. Each month, we highlight the most important news, blog posts and videos to help guide you through our ongoing Alpha Five v11 product development effort. Below, you will find an archive of past editions.



July 2012

Alpha Software Delivers Significant Update to Alpha Five v11

Developers can now integrate sophisticated charts, graphs, analytics and dashboards into data-driven business applications quickly and easily

Alpha Software, a leading innovator in rapid application development platforms used to create data-driven business applications for the desktop, web and mobile web, today delivered a substantial update to its award-winning Alpha Five v11 development platform. The comprehensive dashboards that can now easily be built into Alpha Five v11 applications empower managers to summarize critical data trends, improving management decisions and the bottom line.

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How to Write a Charting Application from a Web Service

Selwyn Rabins shows you how to build a charting application for Yahoo! Stocks

In the two videos we're going to discuss, Selwyn Rabins builds a stock charting application that uses a REST Web service call to Yahoo! Stocks to populate a high-low-close chart, without sending the data by way of a local database. A high-low-close chart (or any other form of time-series chart) is also useful for other data that varies with time, be it daily factory production yield ranges or minute-by-minute patient blood pressure range readings in a hospital setting.

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A Professional Developer's Journey From Delphi to Servoy to Alpha Five v11

A video interview with Belgium-based application developer Frank Bevers

We speak with Frank Bevers, a professional developer who works with customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, about his journey to Alpha Five; and, how Alpha Five v11 helps him build the data-driven business applications that his customers demand in the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way possible, and more.

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Microsoft Access Users No Longer Have to Cope With a Painful Path to the Web

Move your Microsoft Access applications to the web and mobile devices

With the broad use of MS Office, Microsoft Access became very popular for building Windows-based desktop applications. As a result, today there are a large number of companies that have Access-based applications for the desktop that they now need to move to the web and mobile web as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Download our White Paper to learn how Alpha Five v11 makes that job easy.

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Another Microsoft Access Developer Adopts Alpha Five

A video interview with Robin Bennett of UK-based Start Software

Recently, we learned that Robin Bennett, managing director of the UK-based Start Software and a longtime Microsoft Access developer, was able to expand his business from the desktop to include web and mobile web development by adopting Alpha Five, a move that is echoed in the experience of many other Access developers. We had the opportunity to speak with Robin about how Alpha Five has helped him get ahead.

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