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The Alpha Software Newsletter was created to help keep developers like you informed about everything that is happening in the world of Alpha Five. Each month, we highlight the most important news, blog posts and videos to help guide you through our ongoing Alpha Five v11 product development effort. Below, you will find an archive of past editions.



October 2012

Examples of Innovative Applications Created by Developers With Alpha Five v11 adds a new page featuring your applications

Developers are using Alpha Five v11 to create a wide variety of data-driven business applications. On this new page, you'll find a few examples of the exciting work being done with Alpha Five v11. We will be adding to this list on an ongoing basis and invite you to contact our marketing team at if you would like us to consider showcasing the development work that you're doing with Alpha Five v11. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Alpha Five Connectivity

Connecting Alpha Five to external environments including DLLs, OLE/ActiveX, .NET and web services, and SQL databases

Ever since the second computer program was successfully run, users have asked the question "How can I connect them together?" Not surprisingly, the connectivity question is still asked today by Alpha's customers and prospective customers. Find out more about Alpha Five's connectivity capabilities.

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Alpha Five, Much More Than a Prototyping Tool

Professional developer Charles Andersson explains how Alpha Five extends well beyond the basic elements of rapid application development

The Alpha Five development community amazes me each and every day with the innovative tips and tricks that they come up with. They may start using Alpha Five as a prototyping tool, but as you'll hear below, Alpha Five's Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities lead to other benefits. Originally, Andersson chose Alpha five as a framework to develop a prototype for the back office. However, as he puts it, "By selecting Alpha five for this we got more than a prototype tool, we get the full framework for developing the end user experience using a RAD tool that saved us thousands of hours."

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An Unheralded Benefit of Alpha Five: Reliability

Reliability? Alpha Five? No joke - Just Ask Web App Express

On a recent phone demo of an application that Web App Express is building for a large engineering company supporting the oil industry, Scott Lines, the lead developer, made two interesting comments about Alpha Five v11. The first one relates to a well-known core benefit of Alpha Five: productivity. The second comment related to something that is not quite so obvious, but is nevertheless also very important, namely the reliability of applications built in Alpha Five v11.

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You Don't Have to be Chuck Yeager to Break the RAD Barrier

Learn how Alpha Five v11 delivers the best of both worlds - RAD for speed in creating the routine, and hand coding for the exceptions to the norm

On October 14th, 1947, US Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager climbed into the experimental Bell X-1 rocket plane, throttled up, and pushed his aircraft through the sound barrier. Today, most developers are faced with a barrier of their own, something I refer to as the RAD barrier. The RAD barrier can be summed up as the point when you can no longer develop an application because of the limits posed by the development platform.

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Alpha Five lets you quickly integrate your design work with your development effort.


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