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Alpha Anywhere Pricing

Real World Data from Alpha Anywhere Developers Indicating the True Costs of Building Mobile and Web Business Apps

On Choosing a Development Environment

When choosing an environment for building and deploying your mobile and web business applications, there are three critical questions: Will it meet my needs (in terms of richness, depth, and scalability? What will it cost? How long will it take?

At Alpha we understand the choice of a development and deployment environment is a big decision for organizations of any size, and also for entrepreneurs building SaaS applications.

What You'll Find on This Page

Our goal with this page is to give you some useful guidance (based on real world data) regarding what it might cost to build your application and what it might cost in hosting and licensing fees. After reading this page we hope you are re-assured that Alpha Anywhere has the power and flexibility to provide you with an enterprise-level mobile and web solution that meets your needs rapidly and cost effectively.

We encourage you to compare the data presented on this page regarding the time and cost savings achieved through the use of Alpha Anywhere for building, deploying, updating and hosting your business apps versus the time and cost of our competition. You will find that with Alpha we are looking to build a long term relationship with our customers and partners, and we believe that transparency and affordability are very important factors when deciding on a vendor. With companies like Kony, Appcelerator and others, you will find that costs typically start in the six figure range.

Removing Complexity

As business applications moved from the desktop to the web and now to mobile devices, the number of technologies required to build them has dramatically increased, and so has the complexity.

With this increase in complexity, developers are finding it more and more difficult to accurately estimate the costs and time-frame required to build a mobile business application.

At Alpha Software, we want developers who use Alpha Anywhere to have confidence in the timeframes and costs they quote to clients or supervisors. So we recently hosted a webinar with Forrester analyst, Michael Facemire and others to examine the problem and find a way to make estimations easier and more reliable.

Time and Costs with Alpha

We also conducted surveys to help give you a feel for how size and scope can be measured, and how quickly other developers are completing projects.

For example, to build a mobile business application in Alpha Anywhere that:

  • Supports 20 to 100 users
  • Contains 12 screens or panel cards
  • Has a desktop/web as well as a mobile interface
  • Includes 2–3 prototyping iterations

It will...

  • Take about 1 month to develop
  • Cost about $14,000 in labor to build (using Major Market labor rates in the USA)
  • And about $100 per month for hosting either on premises or offsite.

What Sets Alpha Apart?

There are some key capabilities in Alpha Anywhere to make the job easier and that allow developers to build mobile and web apps so rapidly and which in turn allow developers to make Alpha Anywhere projects so attractively priced.

First, prototypes can be built using Alpha Anywhere. Besides being a great platform to build and deploy applications, Alpha Anywhere is also a great prototyping tool where the prototype is a "working" prototype. And when the prototype is built in Alpha, the work you have done can be used directly in the final application.

Second is to take advantage of the code builders, such as the UX Component Builder or the Grid Component Builder, which, automatically and reliably, handle the parts of coding which are often very time consuming. These include: data binding to any SQL database as well as other data sources, native feeling HTML controls that look and act the same on multiple devices, AJAX techniques for quick performance, and responsive layouts for different screen sizes. This frees you up to spend your time on the truly custom parts of your application.

Third, Alpha Anywhere is a complete back-end to front-end standards based environment that includes everything such as built-in reporting, business charting, scheduling, data-mapping, e-forms, PhoneGap build integration, disconnected support (coming soon) and advanced media handling for building enterprise-class mobile and web applications. The fact that everything is included helps developers get applications built fast.

Each project will vary - but the numbers on this page are meant to serve as ballpark estimates. If you are interested in having a project built for you that is managed by Alpha Software, please see our Professional Services section.

Price to Host Applications

Alpha Anywhere applications can be hosted on Windows servers on your own premises or they can be hosted externally either in a traditional server environment as well as on a cloud environment.

Our preferred hosting partner is ZebraHost who hosts exclusively in Softlayer/IBM data centers located around the world. ZebraHost is currently hosting Alpha Anywhere mobile and web apps with a handful of users all the way up to many thousands of users and in some cases tens of thousands of users.

ZebraHost spoke during our recent webinar about estimating the costs of hosting an Alpha Anywhere application. In this 8 minute webinar excerpt, founder Clive Swanepoel discusses the different levels of service. He estimates that businesses should expect to spend $1-$3 per concurrent user per month, depending on their choice of service level. It should be kept in mind that "concurrent" users are users who are accessing the server at exactly that same point in time. You can have many more than that logged into your application at once.

The Challenge

Challenges of Estimating Time and Cost
Recently we hosted a webinar with Michael Facemire of Forrester Research. Michael outlined the issues developers face when attempting to forecast the timeline and delivery costs for mobile business applications. The biggest ones were:

  • Accessing the systems of record (such as your SAP data) and data contained in SQL Server and web services
  • Making sure the system is secure - both in reality and in perception
  • Choosing HTML5, Native, or Hybrid for the client side technology

Survey Results

In a recent survey, developers using Alpha Anywhere revealed the time and costs incurred in both building and hosting their business applications. This five minute webinar excerpt (above) shows you our findings. Download survey results PDF.

What Our Partners Charge

Click to see the PDF

Some of our partners have been willing to share what they charge to build applications. In many cases, clients had come to them after being quoted higher pricesfrom firms using other technologies than Alpha Anywhere. Above is a PDF that one of our partner development firms sent us, which outlines ten recent Alpha Anywhere projects, including the type of application, the industry, and the cost.

Another one of our partners, this one based in the U.K., has put together a similar list of recent projects. In this case the prices quoted are in $GBP rather than $USD, but you'll see the pricing is about the same once you take into account currency conversion.

Click to see the PDF

About Alpha Anywhere

  • Alpha Anywhere is the complete environment for rapidly prototyping, developing and deploying enterprise-level, cross-platform mobile and web business applications - including both the front-end and the back-end.
  • Alpha Anywhere uses one code base that can run as an HTML5 or hybrid application on a wide range of mobile devices or the web.
  • Its "coding optional" approach appeals to all levels of developers: those who want the speed and ease of a RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment and those who want the ability to code on both the back-end and the front-end as needed. The result is development speeds that are 5-10 times faster than other solutions.
  • As a result of its design and its standards-based approach, Alpha Anywhere easily integrates with existing databases and web services, including seamless connectivity to SQL.
  • The Alpha Anywhere environment includes built-in reporting, business charting, scheduling, data-mapping, e-forms and advanced media handling.
  • Alpha Anywhere can be hosted either on-premises or off premises in a traditional server or cloud based environment. Licensing is transparent and affordable and because of its rapid application modification capabilities, customers are able to achieve low ongoing operational costs.