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Alpha Consulting Services

Our mission at Alpha Consulting Services is to provide our customers with the professional services that they need to take full advantage of our Alpha Anywhere rapid application development platform. These include technical support, development training, mentoring, web and mobile application development support and Cloud services.

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When you're determining your data-driven business applications strategy, your evaluation criteria should include both the development platform and the support and services available to you.

Alpha Anywhere, and its predecessor Alpha Five, is a uniquely productive rapid application development platform that has, over many years, been winning awards from publications such as PC Magazine, CRN, PC User and Dr. Dobbs among others.

We established Alpha Consulting Services to provide our customers with the support and services they need to achieve their business objectives in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our overriding objective is to provide our customers with the knowledge, expertise and experience that we have developing, deploying and maintaining data-driven business applications in whatever way benefits them the most.

We can customize our AlphaRef Reader example app with your organization’s data

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Services Offered

  • Technical support
    Our technical support organization provides a single point of contact and dedicated team to ensure that you can take full advantage of the Alpha Anywhere platform.
  • Development training
    There is a full curriculum available that will provide the in-depth product and developer knowledge you need.
  • Mentoring
    Our experienced team of professionals provide unparalled insight and analysis that will enable you to develop and implement your data-driven business application strategy. 2 Hours of Mentoring $379 | Add To Cart. 4 Hours of Mentoring $699 | Add To Cart.
  • Application development
    Our certified Alpha Anywhere development team will develop, deploy and maintain your mission critical business applications in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
  • Cloud services
    We can provide you with a secure, cost-effective and efficient way to build, deploy and maintain your business applications in the Alpha Cloud.
  • So, we can provide you with the support you need to create the business applications that you need through your own development effort; or, we can work closely with you to build those applications for you in the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way possible.

    Here's what you'll experience if you partner with us:

    1. We're on your team
      You'll realize very quickly that we're your business application development team – operating as if we were part of your organization, not as some outsourced development shop.
    2. Product management experience and expertise
      We'll make every effort to understand your market and customer requirements; and then, we'll make sure that they're effectively addressed in the development work that we do for you.
    3. Project management excellence
      Our approach ensures that we build your application in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, ensuring product quality and limiting rework during the development process.
    4. Standards-based development platform
      Alpha Anywhere is the best choice for developing data-driven business applications, enabling us to build them once and run them on every available computing device...desktop or laptop, tablet and smartphone.
    5. Future proofing your world
      We can maintain your legacy applications for you or update them to take full advantage of the web and mobile capabilities that are now included in Alpha Anywhere.
    6. Customer satisfaction guaranteed
      We'll respond immediately when you have an issue, and we won't rest until it has been resolved.

    The work that we will do for you will reflect the wide array of market, domain and geographic experience that we have accumulated over the years. Our developers will work closely with you to provide the technology and product expertise that will ensure that the applications that they develop for you will achieve your business objectives. Regardless of whether this is an upgrade or replacement for an existing solution, or is something new and extraordinary, we can deliver.

    So, contact us today and find out how Alpha Consulting Services can partner with you to create the data-driven business applications that will help your organization become more productive, competitive, and profitable.

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