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Twin Peaks Research (TPR) is an independent training company established in partnership with Alpha Software Corporation (ASC) and dedicated to "Developer Training and Services for the Mobile Era."

TPR and ASC established this partnership to ensure that software developers [could] get the most out of their investment in Alpha Anywhere.

The TPR instructors represent some of the "best and brightest" from the ASC developer community. They have been carefully selected for their unique combination of domain experience, application development background, in-depth Alpha expertise, and outstanding teaching skills.

TPR's proven training methodology ensures an effective balance of instructor presentation and interactive, hands-on development experience. It is based on:

  1. An instructional design that emphasizes gradual, structured reinforcement and expansion of concepts and tasks.
  2. A carefully considered focus on the core Alpha Anywhere features and capabilities that developers actually use, rather than on a "fire hose" recitation of general information about the platform.
  3. In every classroom-based or on-site course, the active, engaged presence of two effective instructors who are knowledgeable, experienced Alpha Anywhere business application developers.
  4. And, in every online course, the instruction is built around the client's schedule, covers the same outstanding content that you would find in a classroom-based course, and provides an intensive one-on-one experience with a TPR instructor.

Put this all together, and the training courses offered are the most productive way for developers to quickly learn to create the innovative business applications required in today's Mobile Era with Alpha Anywhere. As you can see, our customers agree.

The TPR training courses are held at a state-of-the-art facility in the Boston area ( The Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course are offered on a regular schedule for the Alpha Anywhere developer. Again, in addition to our classroom-based instruction, [the] training courses are offered online and they can also be held at your location.

Full details are available on the Twin Peaks Research website at

More information about TPR

TPR's mission is to help developers get the most out of their investment in Alpha Anywhere by providing them with high-quality, professional instruction and ongoing support delivered by our expert staff. Our leading edge curriculum enables developers to create innovative business applications for the Mobile Era in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

How long does it take for someone to become a proficient developer with Alpha Anywhere?

Participants in the Twin Peaks Research courses report that they can start developing useful business applications the day they return to the office after their first training course. So how long does it take to become proficient?

After completing our Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course, a developer will be able to create and deploy a mobile business application that uses touch-based controls and program logic to perform fundamental SQL operations, display results of queries and other operations on the device, and produce reports.

In just one more week of training, after completing our Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course, a developer will be able to integrate a web-hardened security framework to authenticate and authorize users and manage security data, and integrate a web-based API with a server-side SQL call to produce a Google Chart. The developer will also be able to create and deploy responsive business applications that can vary their display based on device type, orientation, or other key factors. In addition, they will be able to create and deploy a hybrid business application fully utilizing the breadth and depth of features and capabilities available with Alpha Anywhere and its integration with PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build. We guarantee that in just two weeks of Twin Peaks Research training, an experienced programmer will become a proficient mobile business application developer with Alpha Anywhere...or their money back!

Our New "Complete Training Program"

Our customers can purchase both of our training courses together for a special price, which amounts to a significant savings compared to our General Admission price for our Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and our Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course. You will be able to take these courses at our training facility, online, on site or some combination of these. And, you can take them whenever your schedule permits (as long as you do so within 12 months of your initial registration). Please refer to our website ( for full details.

Participants in our Twin Peaks Research training courses report that they can start developing useful business applications the day they return to the office after their training. After completing the Twin Peaks Research training courses, an experienced programmer will become a proficient mobile business application developer using Alpha Anywhere, guaranteed... or their money back.

Please contact us directly by email (, if you have any questions about our new "Complete Training Program".

We also have a comprehensive initiative that enables us to work directly with individuals to develop and deliver a customized training program ( focused on specialized topics that meet their particular needs. This is in addition to the Contract Development Services that we offer our customers ( contract-development).

Instructional Videos

Twin Peaks Research has developed three instructional videos for knowledgeable Alpha Anywhere developers who want to expand their skill sets. In each case, the video's host is a highly experienced Alpha Anywhere developer who is also a TPR Master Instructor:

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Alpha Anywhere

This is a subscription-based video series for Alpha Anywhere developers. Each week, the subscriber receives a 10-minute video that 1) describes an undocumented, unfamiliar, or difficult but important feature/capability of Alpha Anywhere, 2) explains why it's important, and then 3) shows how how to apply it.

Over time, the subscriber will compile a valuable library of tips, tricks and techniques that is easily searchable. Their library will expand into a comprehensive treasury of information that will enable the developer to get the most out of their investment in Alpha Anywhere.

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The Alpha Developer's Guide to Xbasic

To develop the most robust Alpha Anywhere applications, especially those with serious server-side functions, developers must familiarize themselves with ASC's Xbasic programming language. This instructional video is a structured, comprehensive learning tool that a developer can use at their own pace and in the any order they want.

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Getting Started with Alpha Anywhere

This video a comprehensive overview of Alpha Anywhere. It provides a clear and compelling explanation of what Alpha Anywhere is, why it's unique, and what developers can accomplish with it.

The video highlights the key features and capabilities of Alpha Anywhere 3.0, describing each one and explaining why it's important, and how to take full advantage of it from a development perspective.

The overriding objective of this video is to ensure that the viewer comes away with a complete understanding of what's possible to accomplish with Alpha Anywhere and why it's considered "The Developer's Choice."

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For more information

For full details about Twin Peaks Research, all of the company's training courses, instructional videos, and related services that are available for Alpha Anywhere-based developers, please visit our website