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Alpha Anywhere Deployment and Hosting

How can I deploy my application?

Alpha Anywhere applications can be self-hosted, hosted by third-party ISPs and cloud services, or deployed on the AlphaCloud.

The Alpha Anywhere Application Server can be installed on any virtual or dedicated machine running a Windows Server 2008 or higher operating System.

Alpha Cloud is now available. With Alpha Cloud, we take care of installing and maintaining server software needed to run your Alpha Anywhere applications, allowing you to focus on building your business applications.

Alpha Software Partners:ZebraHost

While there are many hosting providers that offer Windows hosting, we
recommend ZebraHost. Below are 7 important reasons why they have earned our recommendation, and the trust of countless Alpha Software customers:

  • ZebraHost specialize in Alpha Anywhere hosting. They attend our conferences and are regular visitors to our Burlington, MA headquarters.

  • ZebraHost are the choice of most of Alpha Anywhere’s top developers because of their technical knowledge and reputation for service and support.

  • SoftLayer Hosting, Alpha Anywhere
    ZebraHost currently serves Alpha Anywhere customers in multiple countries across the globe. They are able to do this because their infrastructure is located on a network of advanced data centers from SoftLayer, an IBM company, in the USA, Europe, and Asia serving customers in 140 countries.

  • ZebraHost has proven expertise in setting up high volume/redundant load balanced applications running multiple instances of the Alpha Anywhere Application Server.

  • ZebraHost is able to provide a wide range of solutions from Single Cloud Instances to Dedicated Servers and even fully managed Highly Secure Private Cloud systems.

  • ZebraHost understands how to tailor a hosting configuration to fit the requirements of the application and of its users. They know how to scale systems up quickly and how to get the best performance using high speed Solid State Drives where appropriate.

  • ZebraHost can advise and consult on HIPAA compliant applications.

Hosting Plans from ZebraHost

ZebraHost offers customized hosting plans for small, medium-sized, and scalable load balanced Alpha Anywhere applications. See ZebraHost's page on Alpha Anywhere hosting.

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