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The  Alpha TransForm design team was led by Dan Bricklin, the inventor of the  VisiCalc, the first spread sheet -
his recent 
Ted Talk on this Subject is here 

Just as Dan created VisiCalc, the "Killer App" for personal computers according to Steve Jobs, with TransForm, Dan has created the first "Killer App" that brings SmartPhone business App development capability to Line of Business Professionals



Just Type in Your Field Names and Choose the Data type.

Get a Secure Enterprise Data-Capture App* for an Unlimited Number of Users in Minutes....... It's That Quick and Easy.

* Support for:, Offline, Groups,  Images - Including Annotation & Zoom, Audio, Multi-Table, Controls Optimized for Phones, Pre-Filled Data, Geo-Location, Bar codes, Digital Ink, Stopwatches, API and Webhooks

Example:  (Time to build this app: 15 minutes.)
 Visiting Nurse Data Capture App Video 

Overview Video


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Alpha Software

What Makes Alpha TransForm Unique

  • Massively Boosts developer productivity for building data capture & dispatch apps
  • Its no-code design lets line of business workers build these apps themselves in 15-30 minutes (vs weeks with low-code) while IT controls the integration to existing systems through TransForm's powerful API

75% of enterprise mobile apps involve secure data capture or dispatch apps that must work offline

TransForm builds these apps   in minutes versus weeks.


  • Secure and optimized to work on any size SmartPhone with special data entry controls
  • Integrates with any back-end database or application through an extensive REST API
  • Apps work offline - no coding needed
  • Supports stopwatches, annotation and zoom on images, GPS capture, large audio  file capture,  bar code reading  multi-table data structures of any complexity, HTML
  • Dramatically speeds data-capture and increases data accuracy in the field using phone-optimized controls

An Example of a Mobile Data Capture App Built in Minutes

Visiting Nurse: The data collected would be the standard alpha numeric Info - but now imagine the data collected would be able to include: bar-codes for any equipment left with the patient, multiple audios of a cough, sound or voice,  a list of all the drugs the patient is taking, with no pre-determination/limitation re the number of the drugs, an unlimited capacity to record side effects for each drug with text, pictures (including zoom and annotation,) or audio,  GPS location and time stamp to confirm the nurse was there and when, accurate elapsed time measurements such as the length of the visit, heart rate or the time taken by the patient to perform certain tasks 

What are the benefits?

  1. The Doctor would have a more complete report re patient's medical condition and would also be able to easily compare changes over time
  2. Accounting would know where their equipment was and could bill more accurately plus confirm the hours worked for payroll
  3. The data would be more timely and accurate and actions that needed to occur after the visit could take place faster

    The overall impact would be better patient outcomes which obviously is good for the patient but also benefits the hospital in higher
    reimbursements / revenue

Check out a video of a Visiting Nurse Data Capture App. The Time to Build this app: 15 minutes.


Easily Integrates with Your Existing Systems

The JSON data that TransForm operates with can also seamlessly interface with any corporate applications through extensive REST APIs. TransForm also offers specialized data entry controls to speed data-capture and optimize the screen for the user.


✓ Audio and photo capture (includes annotation w/zoom) 
✓ GPS capture, time stamp & elapsed time capture
✓ Signature capture
✓ Support for thousands of fields with sections & quick find
✓ Supports  multi-table data structures
✓ Mobile optimized custom keyboards  
✓ Deploys/distributes new apps and
updates in seconds
✓ Works offline with data synchronization
✓ JSON support and a sophisticated API that integrates with any system of record
✓ Back office interface for managing
users and data
✓ On-prem, off-prem and Alpha Cloud hosting
✓ Encryption, roles & permissions, 


Apps Built in Minutes with Alpha TransForm

Several examples of rich, offline-capable data-capture applications that were each built and deployed in under 20 minutes with Alpha TransForm. 

What Sample Apps are Available?

Alpha Software
Alpha Software

Easily Integrates With Your Existing Systems

Alpha Anywhere Developers...

Alpha Anywhere has built in integration with the TransForm API. You can use TransForm data to populate list controls without any coding. There is also an API Explorer which lets you test out your TransForm API calls before you do any coding. With the TransForm API, you can create new forms types, create new forms and assign them to users, read and write data from TransForm, and more.

Other Developers...

Alpha TransForm includes a full featured, well documented API so that you can integrate TransForm with your system(s) or record. With the TransForm API, you can create new forms types, create new forms and assign them to users, read and write data from TransForm, and more.

Ready. Set. Build!

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