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Alpha Software Powers New Apple Watch App Development

Alpha WatchBench Enables JavaScript Developers to Quickly and Easily Build Working Prototype Apple Watch Apps

June 10, 2015 Burlington, Mass. — Alpha Software Corporation today announced availability of the Alpha WatchBench (TM)1 app which will empower developers to quickly and easily build working prototype apps for Apple Watch using just an Apple iPhone and knowledge of the JavaScript language.

"Apple Watch creates an entirely new paradigm and category of hands-free, 'glance-able' apps that will create huge opportunities for enterprises to increase efficiencies," said Ben Bajarin, Principal Industry Analyst, Creative Strategies, Inc. "As organizations look to quickly roll out Apple Watch apps to their employees, developers will seek fast solutions for prototyping this new breed of app."

The Alpha WatchBench app is designed for use by mobile architects and others interested in experimenting with writing custom apps and testing them on Apple Watch. It provides several benefits, including:

Sophisticated Working Prototypes. The Prototypes built with Alpha WatchBench are much more than simple screen mockups or wireframes, and can be working code that interacts with real, remote data services, have working buttons and menus, and can have sophisticated visual design.

Fast Construction of Projects. The API provided to developers' JavaScript is powerful and concise. What may have taken many lines of native code can often be accomplished with a few lines of JavaScript calling WatchBench functions.

"Alpha WatchBench allows all developers — not just iOS developers — to experiment with how Apple Watch can fit into their business processes and determine its best use cases for improved productivity," said Dan Bricklin, Alpha Software Corporation CTO. "This is a powerful tool that will give companies a head start on exploiting opportunities opened by Apple Watch."

Alpha WatchBench is available on the Apple App Store. For additional information, please visit There is also extensive documentation built into the Alpha WatchBench for iPhone app, including sample projects as well as boilerplate function calls and data structures.

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