Hey folks,

I'm trying to setup our grid component so that depending on a value a user selects from one drop down affects the choices available in another search filter to help users from returning datasets that will have no value and this will also help them understand how we organize our data.

There is an onChange even for the dropdown that will be triggering the change, but there is no javascript method that I can find that will change the value in the drop down. There is a method {grid.object}.populateDropDown but it only works on Grid and Detail parts, not search. This would be one way to do it, but I would have to hardcode which statuses shouldn't allow certain project milestones.

A better way would be to tie the status and milestone search drop down menus to the resultset returned by the main grid query so that the users couldn't select any fields that are not included in that resultset, since then they would not get any results. Maybe there is some way to do this?

If anyone knows I'd be much appreciative.