Having an issue with Alpha Launch that is holding me up...here's where I am:

- I have Alpha Anywhere Application Server running on my laptop on port 1580, and have made sure I have the latest version.
- I can successfully publish a UX component to my local Alpha Anywhere server using the "More->AlphaLaunch->Publish Apps to AlphaLaunch..." menu option. When I publish my component (called DirtCheap because it's just a little UX component with a button on it), I can go into the file folder under c:\A5Webroot and see the component files published.
- I have AlphaLaunch installed on my iPhone, and can successfully download one of the demo components from the Alpha Anywhere demo server.
- In AlphaLaunch on my iPhone, when I specify my local AA Application Server and folder, I get the correct list of published UX components. When I attempt to install one of the components, it starts copying files for the application but then fails on two specific files. Here are the error messages from the AlphaLaunch log on my phone:

"Download error: Source: Http://, Error: File not found (1)"
"Download error: Source: Http://, Error: File not found (1)"

It looks like some URL-encoding issue is preventing these particular files from being downloaded. The filenames are there with a blank space instead of the %20, and I've tried copying those files and renaming them with %20s, but that hasn't been successful either.