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Thread: Live meetings

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    Default Live meetings

    This is a test server I setup with Discord - anyone is welcome to join. The idea would be to run a live help/chat server for anyone interested in developing - give and get as you care. Discord has an android-iphone,ipad, and a desktop version so there is no limits on how you might connect, or when.
    Click HERE
    hang around, it might catch on!
    NWCOPRO Nuisance Wildlife Control Software-My Application: OR my Developer Chat
    Please ignore and excuse ANY posts I make in the desktop section - as an idiot, I am prone to reply in the wrong section - and I don't know diddly about the AS Desktop development.

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    Default Re: Live meetings

    Nice idea CP.
    A few of us are in an RAD Skype Chat Group which does similar. We connect 1:1 when necessary and share RAD and productivity tools.
    Alpha users as well as other platforms.
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK

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