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Thread: Windows 8 upgrade problem ?

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    Trevor Johnson
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    Apr 2007

    Default Windows 8 upgrade problem ?

    Hello All,
    I've been using the following code for a couple of years since Stan Matthews very kindly helped me with it. I've also been using it in Windows 8 for a year with no problems. Just last week I ran the code which is to send an account report in pdf format to 30 customers via email. Everything else in the database works perfectly but now it sends some reports that say 'No record found' but according to our clients, the data is actually sent to the email address in the customer table. Even then it stops after about 23 to 25 sends.
    The records sent return true. I'm thinking that a recent upgrade in W8 has caused this. When I had similar problems last year I got lots of help from the forum and eventually solved it by installing the Amyuni printer driver but this is in the directory now and seems to have all of it's files. If I try to send just one account report now, the pdf is created but contains all of the 30 records in one pdf.
    Any pointers would be really appreciated, here is the code;

    'Date Created: 19-Oct-2013 03:07:47 PM
    'Last Updated: 27-Nov-2017 11:46:46 AM
    'Created By : Stan Matthews
    'Updated By : Laura
    'dim rslt as n

    tbl = table.current()

    while .not. tbl.fetch_eof()
    query.filter = "cuscode = "+quote(alltrim(tbl.cuscode)) + " .and. (.not. sent)"
    query.order = ""

    to_param = Lookup("Customers","cuscode = "+quote(alltrim(tbl.cuscode)),"alltrim(email)")
    if alltrim(to_param) > "" .or. (.not. (tbl.sent))'only execute this section if an email address is not found OR 'sent' is not logical true
    cc_param = a5_eval_expression("",local_variables())
    bcc_param = a5_eval_expression("",local_variables())
    subject_param = "Monthly account from Laprima S.L."
    message_param = "Your attached account covers the month of "+cmonth(date())+"."
    if filefind.get(a5.Get_Path()+chr(92)+"Accounts "+cmonth(date()),FILE_FIND_DIRECTORY,"PN") = ""
    dir_create(a5.Get_Path()+chr(92)+"Accounts "+cmonth(date()))
    end if
    :report.SaveAs("AccMonthly","PDF",query.filter,query.order,a5.get_path()+chr(92)+"Accounts "+cmonth(date())+chr(92)+"Acct "+tbl.cuscode+".pdf")
    rslt = email_send(to_param,subject_param,message_param,a5.get_path()+chr(92)+"Accounts "+cmonth(date())+chr(92)+"Acct "+alltrim(tbl.cuscode)+".pdf","",bcc_param)

    if rslt = 1 'email_send() result for good send is 1
    tbl.sent = .t.
    end if

    end if 'end of section to create and send email if address found

    end while


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    "Certified" Alphaholic Ted Giles's Avatar
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    Ted Giles
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    Default Re: Windows 8 upgrade problem ?

    The only thing I can think of, when records go missing or get jumbled is a Reindex. Have you tried that?
    I have an XP system to support, so I share your concern about Msoft updates.
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
    See our site for Alpha Support, Conversion and Upgrade.

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    Trevor Johnson
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    Default Re: Windows 8 upgrade problem ?

    Thanks Ted, no I haven't tried that. I'll try it in the morning and get back.

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    Trevor Johnson
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    Apr 2007

    Default Re: Windows 8 upgrade problem ?

    Hi Ted,
    I've re-built and re-defined all of the indexes but the problem remains in that when I press to send the accounts by email, the report saved as a pdf locally says 'there are no records in the report' although the pdf's actually sent out are complete - weird.
    Thanks for your help,

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