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Thread: wordpress website

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    Daniel Weiss
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    Default wordpress website

    Hi we are looking to get our in house Alpha system to sync/connect to our wordpress website does anyone have any experience or knowledge in pointing me in the right direction
    Daniel Weiss
    EZ Link Software

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    "Certified" Alphaholic DaveM's Avatar
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    David Mason
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    Default Re: wordpress website

    You will need to look at plugins to help most likely and more information on what exactly you need would really help.
    I run Joomla websites instead of WP blogs, but have a lot of experience in how they are built.
    Dave Mason

    Skype is dave.mason46

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    Default Re: wordpress website

    Daniel really depends on what exactly you mean by sync/connect. You can always connect to the mysql db that runs the wordpress site. If you want to see alpha site within wordpress you will need to use premium iframe plugin.
    Alex Collier

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