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Thread: Alpha 4 running on Win XP

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    Hugh Mills

    Default Alpha 4 running on Win XP

    I have a dos Alpha 4 program that ran well using Win 98 but now is having a problem with Win XP. The program is visible only on the top half of the monitor. I've tried correcting the properties but no luck.

    Does anyone know how I can get a full screen view without going back to Win 98?

    Thank you


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    Default RE: Alpha 4 running on Win XP

    You will probably get more and better answers if you post this on the Alpha 4 or Alpha 4, Version 7 message board.

    My thought is you need to upgrade to Version 7 to achieve compatibility with XP; but, it's been a long time since I've done anything with Alpha 4. I hope others, more knowledgeable than I, will jump in here.

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    Rafael Miranda

    Default RE: Alpha 4 running on Win XP

    If you can see the whole DOS screen but it only takes up half of the Windows screen, simple press ALT+ENTER to toggle between Windowed and Full Screen modes.

    Good luck.

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