Hello All

I've created a simple web App server that uses ADO connection to a file on the AS/400. There's a search part for the app.
Every time I try the search which is by ACCOUNT field, I get the following messege under the records:

Error executing SQL: SELECT Gmidtnf1.PTDATE, Gmidtnf1.PACCT, Gmidtnf1.PSNAME, Gmidtnf1.PBS, Gmidtnf1.PSDSC1, Gmidtnf1.PQTY, Gmidtnf1.PTPRIC, Gmidtnf1.PCTYM, Gmidtnf1.PSUBTY, Gmidtnf1.PSTRIK FROM Gmidtnf1 Gmidtnf1 WHERE (( {fn LOCATE(upper(?), CONCAT('xx',upper(PACCT)),2)} - 2 > 0 )) ORDER BY PACCT
[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]SQL0418 - Use of parameter marker not valid.

If I clear the search criteria, it's fine. The SQL was created thru it's genie so it couldn't be a problem with the format I guess.

Any ideas ? Thanks