Hi All,

We have been experiencing some erratic behaviour the last couple of weeks with our web apps running off the alpha web server. We are running off a Windows Server 2003 machine.

We have the root site (example, www.test.biz) which we can always surf to, however, for each client of ours we have a sub-directory for them under the root and the pages are accessible via the URL www.test.biz/company/login.a5w . These sub-directory sites stop working for some reason and none of our clients can get to them, all are getting a page cannot be found error, however they can get to the www.test.biz site. We can actually surf to these company sites from the server itself, but anyone else cannot get to it. We may wait 20 minutes and the sites would be up and running again. It is becoming a serious problem with many of our clients complaining the sites are down.

Please supply some info if you have any.

Many thanks