Ink, Photos & Audio

The AlphaMemo app from Alpha Software® lets you capture photos and record voice and other sounds. It lets you make handwritten notes, and even markup the photos with handwritten annotations.

Organize Your Notes

See thumbnails of all your notes, each with an optional title, sorted by last modified, alphabetically, or more recently created.

Zoom In, Record & Playback

When viewing a note you can zoom and pan the image. Recording can be started, paused, and restarted. Playback has buttons for quick forward/back in 2 second increments, with press-and-hold for larger movements. Recordings can be up to 60 minutes long for each note.

Powerful Writing Functionality

Your handwriting is shrunk down from what you write on the screen, so you can fit a lot of text or other markings on the page, even on a small screen device. Choose from different pen colors, thicknesses, and even transparent highlighting. See both the whole note page as well as a zoomed in writing area to let you write with large finger movements yet fit a lot of text on the page.

AlphaMemo has many uses, including To Do lists, Inspection Information, and Quick Postings to Yourself like phone numbers.

Built With Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Memo is an example of a mobile app created using Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere development system.

Learn more

Take a look at Support or read About the AlphaMemo app from Alpha Software.