This is a copy of the help information that comes with the AlphaMemo app.

Alpha Memo

Version 1.0

The Alpha Memo app lets you capture photos and record voice and other sounds. It lets you make handwritten notes, and even markup the photos with handwritten annotations.

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Note List Screen

The main screen shows a list of notes. To create a new note, tap the "New" button, which will bring up the Ink Editing Screen.

See the "Ink Editing Screen" section below for how to edit the note's visible page.

In the list, each note shows its visual contents, as well as any name given to it as a title. (Notes with no name are shown as "Unnamed Note".) If there is recorded audio as part of the note, the length of the recording will be shown.

Tapping a row in the list will display the View Screen for that note.

The order of the notes in the list defaults to most recently modified at the top. You can change the order shown by tapping one of the three buttons below the list: "Modified", "Title", "Created". In "Title" sort, unnamed notes sort alphabetically before any with text names, with date of creation being the sub-sort.

The button brings up this Help screen.

The "Edit" button brings up the Note List Edit Screen to delete or duplicate notes.

View Screen

The View Screen for a note shows the visual contents in the middle. That contents may be zoomed with pinch, or by using the , , and buttons.

To switch to the Ink Edit Screen, tap the "Edit" button or double-tap the note display.

The audio control buttons at the bottom of the screen let you record and playback sound.

They include:
Record (start/continue)
Play (start/continue)
When playing back, the and buttons let you move the "play head" in 2 second increments. Press and holding repeats with a larger increment.

Note: A maximum of 60 minutes may be recorded for each note. Also, while recording, the "Notes" button (that normally returns to the Note List Screen) will be disabled until you stop recording.

Tapping the name of the note at the top of the screen brings up a screen for setting the name of the note.

The button lets you selectively delete parts of the note: the ink, the photo, and/or the audio.

The button brings up information about the note, including the date/time created and last modified.

Ink Editing Screen

The editing screen provides a zoomed-in "Editing Area" for writing and editing "ink" on the page, along with associated tools. If there is room, an "Overview" screen is displayed above, showing the whole note page. You can change what is displayed in the Editing Area by dragging the zoom-box (enclosed in a dashed line) shown in the Overview, or by tapping on the Overview at the new location.

You can write in the Editing Area by drawing with your finger. Each stroke of ink will be reflected in the Overview when you finish writing it.

When finished editing, tap the "Done" button to return to the View Screen.

You can advance across the page as you write by tapping on the button, or by dragging it back towards the left.

You can advance to the beginning of the next "line" by tapping the button.

If you tap you can then drag an "eraser" across ink to delete it.

The button brings up a popup for setting the ink thickness, opacity, and color.

The and buttons do undo and redo. They may be tapped or dragged to undo/redo multiple steps.

The and buttons at the top may be used to change the size of the zoom-box.

When you first edit a new note, the icon should appear on the Ink Editing Screen. If you tap that button, you will then be able to take a photo to be used as the background of the page. Once you write on a page, you can no longer add a photo to that page. You can delete the ink (and also the photo) using the button on the View Screen if you want to add or change a photo.

Note List Edit Screen

The "Edit" button on the Note List Screen adds checkboxes to the row for each note. Tapping on a note selects it. Tapping again deselects.

The "Delete" and "Duplicate" buttons at the bottom of the screen let you delete or make copies of the selected notes. They require confirmation. The "Done" button at the top-left takes you back to the Note List Screen.

File Sharing

The files used by this app are accessible when the mobile device is connected to a personal computer. On iOS that is through iTunes File Sharing as Documents. If you copy all of the files to your personal computer, you can view the list of notes by viewing the listData.html file.

Special Tools

The "Special Tools" button at the bottom of this Help screen is for use when instructed by Tech Support for the app.

About Alpha Memo

Alpha Memo is an example of a mobile app created using Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere development system. For more information, see