Talbott Credits Alpha Software for 20 Years of Progress

In 1993, when MS-DOS was king, Jay Talbott got a postcard in the mail. It offered a free trial of a product he’d never heard of: Alpha Software’s Alpha Four. Coincidentally Talbott was in the market for a custom software application development tool. He gave Alpha Four a try.

Twenty years later, he’s still building custom business applications in Alpha. Thanks to Alpha Software’s commitment to continuous product evolution, Talbott has successfully transitioned his customers, and his business, through four major technology shifts: from DOS to Windows to the web to mobile.

And he’s convinced that Alpha Software will be there when the next big tech shift arrives. “We’ve standardized on Alpha Software because they’ve proven they’re committed to their customers,” Talbott says. “All of the products I was evaluating 20 years ago are gone or they’re stuck in the past. Meanwhile, Alpha’s made it drop-dead easy for us to move our code base from the desktop to the web and, now, to mobile.”
We’ve standardized on Alpha Software because they’ve proven they’re committed to their customers ... Alpha’s made it drop-dead easy for us to move our code base from the desktop to the web and, now, to mobile.

Just how easy? Talbott’s nephew is a computer novice with no programming experience and zero knowledge of Alpha Software. He was building professional-grade business applications in the cloud 30 days after Talbott trained him on Alpha Four.

In fact, his applications have been so successful, Talbott hired him. He’s since become a whiz at HTML5 (including CSS and JavaScript), SQL, and xBasic, and is using those skills to capitalize on Alpha Anywhere’s coding-optional environment.

One such application was a successful dietary management program for nursing homes. Talbott’s Dietary Manager ran on the Windows desktop over a LAN. It let caretakers customize patients’ diets on-the-fly, based on their medical requirements and tastes.

Not long ago clients started asking if they could run application in the cloud. Just six months after the first client asked, Dietary Manager was running as a web application in the cloud. “We were able to make all the necessary changes without having to rebuild the application from scratch,” Talbott says. “Try that with any other development platform.”

Next on deck for this custom software application development firm: Upgrading Dietary Manager from a desktop/laptop cloud application to a mobile app that will run beautifully on any smartphone or tablet, as well as on any desktop or laptop. Talbott’s team is using Alpha Anywhere to make the move to mobile, and once again, will be using essentially the same code and database as the original desktop LAN version.

Talbott says he anticipates “only slight modifications” to the application for the mobile platform, with little or no learning curve for his development team. And that helps him minimize the impact on his customers’ bottom line. And he anticipates it will require only about 90 days using Alpha Anywhere’s rapid responsive design tools.

“Mobile business applications are the future,” Talbott says. “We’re increasingly working with clients to migrate their solutions to mobile. If not for the genius of Alpha Software’s approach, we’d be rebuilding these things from scratch. It would be expensive if not impossible for our customers. For 20 years, Alpha Software kept our company and our customers on the computing’s cutting edge.”

Go codeless. Go mobile. Go anywhere. With Alpha Anywhere.

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Talbott Associates Consulting has been building custom applications for businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations since 1993. From day one Talbott’s custom solutions have been built with Alpha Software’s technology. Founder Jay Talbott is a preeminent member of the Independent Alpha Developers Network (IADN), and has trained hundreds of Alpha developers. Talbott Associates Consulting is located at
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