Alpha Anywhere is increasingly being recognized as the fastest way to get Mobile and Web SaaS business applications to Market.


Alpha Anywhere is being used by a broad range of companies, schools, hospitals and organizations to build responsive and secure business applications for the web and mobile devices.
In addition we are seeing a slew of SaaS mobile and web application that are being built in Alpha Anywhere that are coming to market and we wanted to share an example of one of these applications.


PetSitClick says Alpha Anywhere is “Best of Breed” - Case Study.


“With Alpha Anywhere, I can code as much or little as I want to - coding is optional. We were able to quickly transform a complex web application to a responsive mobile app without worrying about coding. We could focus on designing the mobile experience, updating the forms and database, and publish it for our iPad, iPhone, and Android users.” -- Scott Moore, Bizz Support Solutions


About PetSitClick:

PetSitClick is owned and operated by Bizz Support Solutions, an incorporated software company based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Scott Moore in 2010, Bizz Support Solutions’ mission is to provide a world-class SaaS ERP mobile and web platform for dog walking and pet sitting companies across North America. PetSitClick is located at Hosting of PetSitClick is done by Zebrahost in IBM Data Centers based in North America, Europe and Asia.

In 2010, PetSitClick’s founders wanted to build a scalable SaaS ERP platform for small to mid-sized businesses.

After considering tools such as Ruby, PHP, Java, Visual Studio, and others, they realized programming would require substantial time and staff. They wanted an alternative that minimized coding (without losing any power or control,) and maximized productivity, but could still deliver a robust SaaS experience. They also wanted a platform where updates and improvements could be handled by a small on-site team.

After researching and testing various tools, they were impressed by the maturity, scalability, and “coding optional” web and mobile capabilities of Alpha Anywhere. They went to work developing their SaaS ERP product. It was ready to go in just seven months.

Soon after it launched it became clear the application was very popular with dog walking and pet sitting companies. Management decided to focus future development on that industry, leading to today’s PetSitClick service.

Essentially, PetSitClick built its new business on Alpha Anywhere.

Dog walking, pet sitting, and pet services might sound like a mom and pop industry, but these are surprisingly complex businesses in a $4.54 billion industry. For example, each PetSitClick subscriber might have dozens of workers managing hundreds of dogs per day. The software had to make it easy to manage schedules, logistics, medications, health monitoring, feeding, grooming, special diets, off-hours and holiday visits, hygiene, and more—not to mention receivables, payables, and other requirements essential to any business.

Moreover, customers kept suggesting new features and enhancements.
Thanks to Alpha Anywhere’s coding-optional development technology, it was easy to quickly make changes. PetSitClick’s small team simply updated the required forms and database, and published a new version without any coding.

Stability is also crucial to PetSitClick’s customers. Slow performance or server downtime can mean life or death for a beloved pet if it has special needs, such as diabetes, where medical visits are required. This gives new meaning to the words, “mission critical.” There are also pets that need medications for non-life-threatening conditions, such as ear infections. A pet service could lose a customer if they miss a treatment due to downtime.

Recently PetSitClick decided it was time to deliver a mobile version that would give their customers a world-class experience on the iPad iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones.

Normally that would require building several new applications—one for each mobile platform—and integrating them into the existing SaaS ERP system.

That would be a daunting task for even a large development team.

But using Alpha Anywhere’s coding-optional mobile technology (which offers everything needed on the front end and back end), they were able to deliver a soup-to-nuts mobile experience in just four weeks. The new mobile experience can be used with just one hand, a crucial feature for people who are using their other hand to hold a leash.

It’s also a true mobile app that uses the same database backend and business logic as the desktop and laptop web version. Users can view their schedule in the morning and head directly to their first or next appointment. They can also use GPS-powered check-in and checkout that logs their locations on a Google Maps map. And there’s also a portal that lets pet owners request services, view invoices, and conduct other activities.

From concept to creation to conversion to mobile, Alpha Anywhere has delivered the best-of-breed capabilities that PetSitClick needed.

Go codeless. Go mobile. Go anywhere. With Alpha Anywhere.

For more information on building SaaS applications in Alpha Anywhere - please email and use the term "SaaS" in the headline

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