Alpha Software Delivers Significant Updates To Alpha Five V11


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Alpha Software Delivers Significant Updates To Alpha Five V11

Developers can now integrate sophisticated charts, graphs, analytics, and dashboards into data-driven business applications

BURLINGTON, Mass. - July 11, 2012 -  Alpha Software, a leading innovator in development tools and platforms to create data-driven business web applications, today delivered a substantial update to its award-winning Alpha Five v11 development platform.  Developers can now integrate a wide array of sophisticated charts, graphs and analytics into business applications quickly and easily. The comprehensive dashboards that can now easily be built into Alpha Five v11 applications empower managers to summarize critical data trends, improving management decisions and the bottom line.
Alpha Five v11 enables developers to create the many diverse web and mobile business applications that organizations require today, without blowing the budget. Developers can build these applications once and then run them on any PC, tablet or smartphone, which dramatically improves time-to-market and significantly reduces the costs of developing, deploying and maintaining the applications.

“Alpha Software’s top priority is to provide developers with a platform to build robust business applications with the web and mobile functionality that their users demand,” explains Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of Alpha Software.  “Today’s update to Alpha Five v11 significantly increases developer productivity and also helps customers enhance their decision-making ability with charts and graphs, powerful analytics and comprehensive dashboards in their applications.  With our latest update the developer is the champion who helps the company be more competitive and profitable.”

“The latest Alpha Five release contains industry-changing features that will increase developer productivity and creativity,” says Thomas Ritter, IT Director of the Newark Group, a leader in paperboard manufacturing for every industry with dozens of locations throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe.  “The new Chart Control feature solves a major requirement in building modern applications by enabling the developer to produce graphical dashboards from their data.  The Documentation Viewer built directly into the development tool allows developers to access documentation regardless of whether they are connected to the Internet or not, which is a huge time saver.  And as always, the beauty of Alpha Five is that a novice user can produce applications without any coding, and at the same time a more experienced user can get under the hood to write any custom code they want. At this point in time I see no limit to what can be done with Alpha Five.”

About the Chart Control

The new Alpha Five Chart Control allows developers to base any of ten types of charts on any of seven types of data series and display the charts in a dialog using customizable 2-D and 3-D styles. The charts, chart styles, and data series can easily be defined using graphical builders, and can be enhanced and animated through interfaces to JavaScript and Xbasic. Multiple charts can be displayed in a single dialog to create dashboards. A series of 20 tutorial videos located at demonstrates how developers can use the charts and data series, and a single web page at demonstrates 100 different sample charts.

Product Availability Information

In addition to the charting, graphing, analytical and dashboarding capabilities mentioned above, there are other significant enhancements that are included in this major update to Alpha Five v11. For all of the details, go to .

About Alpha Software

Alpha Software empowers developers to quickly create and modify robust, data-driven business applications that run on any PC, Tablet, or Smartphone quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.  Its flagship and award-winning product, Alpha Five, is a rapid application development platform that enables developers to build and modify any business application once and run it anywhere.   The product increases developer productivity with a shorter learning curve providing companies with a shorter time to market product cycle.   Alpha Five is used by millions of user.  Alpha Software, founded in 1982, is privately held and is based in Burlington, MA.  For more information go to // and
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