Built with Alpha Five, Makes Life Easier for Attorneys, Clients and Businesses in Employment-Based Immigration Cases

Having practiced immigration law for more than 25 years with a focus on employment-based U.S. Immigration cases, Attorney Thomas A. Williams knew there had to be a way to simplify the complicated process attorneys follow when preparing clients’ work visa applications. He also wanted to keep clients and their employers better informed on the status of cases. For several years, he used an application built in .NET, but it proved unwieldy, was difficult to update, and its performance was sluggish. He needed something much better – a stable, reliable, high-performance application. Alpha Five v11's app development tools helped make that a reality.

A little more than a year ago, after examining Alpha Five's desktop, web and mobile app development tools, Williams contracted with consultants Jim Dusoe and Kanishka Basak to totally revamp his system.  And as they say, “the rest is history.” Williams now uses, a new application that has exceeded his expectations. “Thanks to Alpha Five, there are no limits to what can do. I can easily add features, and the performance is outstanding; far better than previous versions.” Williams said. “The time and cost required to build this application on Alpha Five was dramatically less than alternative solutions.”

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Alpha Five is a flexible and extensible platform that enables applications to be built with or without coding. Complete applications can be built using Alpha Five's rich set of components and app development tools, or developers can write code for features that might not be possible using the components. Bottom line: there are no limits when building industrial strength business applications with Alpha Five.

How Alpha Five v11's app development tools helped become a disruptive force in immigration law practice

App development tools helped build follow-along interface is an excellent example of an application built using Alpha Five.  With, Williams says he has introduced a major change in how legal services are provided to clients.  First-time innovations delivered by LiveImmigration include:

  • Direct client-to-attorney interaction—Improves personal communications between attorneys and clients, while reducing costly support staff
  • “Follow-along”tm  technology—a first of its kind and easy-to-use visual layout that lets clients watch as cases are prepared and filed—eliminating the need to  constantly call the attorney
  • Online electronic workplace for attorneys and clients to keep all communications (messages, documents, and important notices) neatly organized in a centralized location—a secure, U.S. based server accessible by browser
App development tools helped build follow-along interface
The application allows Williams to employ highly experienced attorneys in major cities across the United States to handle employment-based immigration cases such as H1-B specialty occupation visas, L-1A visas for multinational executives or managers and intra-company transfers, and all categories of U.S. Permanent Residence (Green Cards) visas, such as PERMS, National Interest Waivers, etc. Williams says the ability to virtually link exceptionally qualified lawyers across the country should enable him to handle thousands of cases a year, adding “overnight I could add 20 to 30 pre-qualified attorneys.”

“Our attorneys are selected for their knowledge and experience, and no single attorney knows the answer to all questions. gives our attorneys access to a national network of experienced immigration lawyers, each with his or her own concentrations of practice. Offering this unique pool of talent to our clients is an extraordinary benefit other systems cannot provide.”

Eliminating the administrative distractions

Alpha Five v11's app development tools

Simply put, has automated the firm’s administrative functions, allowing attorneys to focus 100 percent on their cases. It improves communications between clients and attorneys, and provides around-the-clock, easy access to all documents pertaining to  cases, as well as the latest status updates.  In 10 minutes or less, human resource managers charged with overseeing immigration cases can be up and running on, able to find all the information they need to track their cases.

“The future of our clients hinges on their cases being carefully handled by exceptional attorneys who now can concentrate on their cases – without being distracted by administrative tasks. We have eliminated the stress and conflict experienced by clients at other law firms, which do not provide frequent case updates. With, the client always has all the information and knows exactly where his or her case stands,” Williams said. “Kanishka and Jim have done an extraordinary job on LiveImmigration.”
Alpha Five v11's app development tools
On top of the benefits delivered to his clients, Williams says lets him charge less than other firms for the same type of cases, while providing better service. And, he can handle more cases, more efficiently.

Continuous expansion

Thanks to Alpha Five and, Attorney Tom Williams is well on his way to significantly improving the way attorneys and clients interact with one another. Mr. Williams also is expanding the application beyond employee-based immigration cases to handle family-based cases. In addition, with the help of Alpha's intuitive web and mobile app development tools, will be able to quickly incorporate new Immigration laws anticipated in the near future quickly and easily.

Attorney Williams’ innovative approach represents a major shift in the way legal services will be provided in the future.

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