Work/Life Balance in the Mobile Era


Work/Life Balance in the Mobile Era

This article, published in USA TODAY, highlights two significant trends for software developers who are tackling business application development in this Mobile Era.

The first relates to the exploding use of smart mobile devices. According to Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of full-time employees own smartphones, up from 48% just two years ago. In addition, one-third now own a tablet, up from just 12%. And, the use of mobile devices for work is accelerating.

"The rise of the "Bring Your Own Device" workplace — in which employees put company applications on personal gadgets — has further fueled the on-all-the-time work trend. The majority of U.S. companies have some form of a BYOD program, according to a report by Samsung Mobile and research group IDG."

Accessing business information anytime, anywhere

This rapidly expanding trend enables people to access the information they need to do their work anytime, anywhere, from any device - desktop PCs and laptops, tablets and smartphones.

And, therein lies the second significant trend - the inability that some have to disconnect from their work.

Like previous transformational technology shifts we've experienced, Mobility is creating unanticipated challenges along with its benefits. And, the most significant challenge seems to establishing a reasonable line between a person's work life and their personal life.

Software developers, like those using Alpha Software's business application development platform to create mobile business applications, are working hard to ensure that their apps are intuitive, easy-to-use and enhance the users' ability to get their work done quickly and efficiently, regardless of the smart computing device that the application is running on.

It appears, however, that there's going to be an 'adjustment period' for some users while they learn how to take full advantage of the Mobile innovations that are available without compromising their work/life balance.

Mark D. Flanagan is currently a Strategic Advisor to Alpha Software and the Founder/CEO of Twin Peaks Research, a company that will be providing training and support for developers using Alpha Five. Previously, he was a Co-founder/CEO of TEAMworks Software, eVisioner, Envox Worldwide and Brooktrout Software as well as a senior executive at International Data Group, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Lotus Development Corp. and General Computer. Mark can be contacted at
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