New - Classes on Javascript, JQuery and Xbasic for Alpha applications.

Here are five classes on Javascript, JQuery and Xbasic for Alpha Applications

Javascript and JQuery are used in Web applications, and Xbasic is used in both Desktop and Web applications.

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Beginning Javascript for Alpha Web Applications

Instructor:Dan Hooley
Date(s):Monday Sep 16
Time:Noon - Eastern Time (USA)

  • Basic js syntax

  • Local and global variables

  • Basic program flow (if else, for, switch, etc)

  • Common (and useful) built-in js functions

  • User defined functions

  • Using Client side events

  • Using component methods

  • Persistent variables in components

Intermediate Javascript for Alpha Web Applications

Instructor:Dan Hooley
Date(s):Tuesday Sep 17
Time:Noon - Eastern Time (USA)

  • Error handling and testing runtime values

  • Understanding variable name space

  • Introduction to arrays and objects, including JSON format

  • Creating user defined functions and method objects

  • Passing values/objects between components

  • Creating and using linked js files

JQuery for Alpha Web Applications

Instructor:Dan Hooley
Date(s):Friday Sep 20
Time:Noon - Eastern Time (USA)

  • What is jQuery, documentation and basic jQuery concepts and syntax

  • Enabling jQuery in Alpha Five

  • Common functions

  • - Selectors (by Tag, Id and Class)

  • - Attributes (style, class, value, etc.)

  • - Getting and setting CSS properties

  • - Traversing the DOM

  • Examples in grids and dialog/UX components

  • - Adding a progress bar to a grid

  • - Drag and drop elements in a dialog/UX

Beginning Xbasic

Instructor:Jay Talbott
Date(s):Monday Sep 16
Time:2PM - Eastern Time (USA)

  • Variables - Naming, Types, Scopes, Dimensioning

  • Coding locations/Advanatages/Disadvantages

  • Action Scripts/Scripts/Functions/Events/Operations

  • Code Editor

  • Interactive Window - Testing

  • Debugger usage

  • Assignments - Long strings, Type conversions, Expressions

  • XBasic Expressions

  • Referencing objects - XBasic Explorer, Interactive Window

  • Code Style - Indenting, spaces, Casing, Commenting your code

  • Using built-in functions/methods - XBasic Explorer/Finding them in help

  • Key functions/Function types - "C" code, Methods, XBasic, Wrapper

  • Intro to List/Array/Collections processing

  • Loops

  • Tips for speeding code

Intermediate Xbasic

Instructor:Jay Talbott
Date(s):Tuesday Sep 17
Time:2PM - Eastern Time (USA)

  • Function mining (Finding and using functions you didn't know existed)

  • Speeding up code

  • List processing

  • Array and collection processing

  • Protecting your code

  • Compiling code

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