Alpha Anywhere: The Perfect Solution for the Enterprise "Mobile Second" Strategy

Out of the recently concluded MobileBeat 2013 conference came the following story lines regarding cross platform app development:
  • A "Mobile Second" strategy may be the way to go to speed up the introduction of mobile apps into the business world
  • The desktop experience continues to be critical in business
In a ZDnet column, author Rachel King notes that industry leaders strongly believe that business applications, both existing and new, need to run on both the desktop and on mobile devices. Her column cites a Gartner Group study that predicts by 2017, 90 percent of enterprise apps will be available for both the desktop and mobile devices. Today that number sits at around 20 percent.

How Alpha Anywhere's cross platform app development environment enables an enterprise "Mobile Second" strategy

We could not agree more with King's column. In fact, this is exactly why we developed Alpha Anywhere. It is designed to enable cross platform app development and deployment on a wide array of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, notebooks, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and touch-enabled systems. Alpha Anywhere lets you build an application once, and then run it on all of these platforms, a major differentiator from any other HTLM5 mobile development environment being offered today. You can see what we mean here: In King's column, Alex Bard, a senior vice president and general manager at, warns companies not to ignore cross platform app development, and in particular the desktop experience, stating: "PCs aren't dead. People are still using PCs." We also agree with Rich Wong, a partner at Accel Partners, who notes in the column: "the enterprise tech market is 'where the real money is made' by building real business leveraging the mobile trend." We are seeing this in the interest building around Alpha Anywhere. Businesses need a solution that will allow them to quickly and cost effectively build applications that run on all the hardware platforms they use.
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