No Interest Student Loan Management System Built with Alpha Anywhere and MS SQL server

Our professional services division, Alpha Consulting Services is comprised of a number of extraordinarily skilled developers offering custom application development services using Alpha Anywhere. Below is a case study from one such partner, Doron Farber of The Farber Consulting Group, which offers a number of web and mobile application development services

Software Solution

Accounting Software and Dunning Letter Management. Check out the demo video:


Alpha Anywhere and MS SQL Server. This organization provides interest free loans to students. They are required to return 1% of their loan after graduation.


Initially there were three software packages that the organization had to work with: Data entry for student names and some basic accounting, Dunning letters management and Check printing etc...

They used a spread sheet to manage their dunning letters but they could not track down all of the people that owned them money - a real problem!

For check printing they had to enter the info for the individual into Peachtree accounting software in order to print the checks. For this process they had to re-enter all of the data for the student into different software.

Dunning letters management was done with spread sheets. Basically, there was no system to track down how many letters were sent per student and the time between each letter.

The Solution

The solution was to utilize Alpha Anywhere - and the Farber Consulting Group's custom application development services - to create one system to consolidate all of the above.

The purpose of this application is to help the organization manage the no interest loan process by making sure that they get the payments right on time and track down any delinquent students. In this case it is non-profit organization that provides free interest loans to students.

It also helps them manage the check printing process and track down when they were issued the way it was done in any accounting software such as QuickBooks.

Some of the features are:

  •  Track down delinquent individual as collection agency
  • Contact Management
  • Dunning Letter Management
  • Create unlimited reports by the end user
  • Automatic Void transaction
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Suite of Reports
Check Printing
When a check is confirmed as "Printed OK," a record for that check is created related to the student that it was printed for. See the screen shot below to confirm checks printing:
Custom application development services for accounting

Dunning Letter Management
Dunning Letter Management was created in a similar way as a collection agency. After 60 days, if the student is delinquent, the First Notice Letter is generated. Every other letter after the first letter will be overdue. The duration for that is determined by the System Configuration table, making it a data-driven process, and can be any number of days.

After the letter is sent it needs to be confirmed in the same manner as it is done for the check printing shown above. A dunning letter record is created in that process too.
Contact management
Contact management was developed to help them enter multiple addressees and multiple notes and different contact points. They also can check-mark the primary address for each student.
Un-Limited Letters
The solution provides the customer with the capability to create un-limited letters using the CKEditor, complete with spell check capability and the ability to select any field (Place Holder) that they need right into the letter’s body as done in mail merge. See the below image for an example. This is basically a word processer that provides the end user the flexibility to add or modify as many letters as they need and run them as a regular report. I used a MS SQL database and created a stored procedure to replace each place holder with the field’s value against each template.

Click the Dunning Letters page for an additional info and there is also a short video covering the spell check and more..
Custom accounting software

Below is the First Notice Letter and how the user selects the template for the report:
Custom accounting application development

In addition, I developed an algorithm in MS SQL script of how to handle payments if they were paid in advance and before the student graduated. In this case we need to extend the number of months for the first payment after graduation.

What happens if the student is delinquent and did not pay for 4 months and then paid for 6.5 months? If the student does not pay for the next payment is he/she considered as delinquent?  There are many other scenarios and if the student over paid for the particular month then the current payment record is highlighted in green and the next payment could be deferred.  That alone is the subject for an article in itself.

Another scenario could be that the student paid for 6 months in one payment and is still considered as delinquent. The student could be $400.00 short up-to-date.

With the above application in place, their payment collection improved for about 40%. For more info of the No Interest Loan application click here.

About Doron

Doron develops database applications as web sites and thanks to Alpha Five and Alpha Anywhere they can run on the desktop or mobile devices as well. The entire development for The Farber Consulting Group was switched to use Alpha Five/Alpha Anywhere for the creation of custom made applications and commercial projects - including converting applications in MS Access to web applications. Doron’s firm also provides database optimization and remote DBA services for the MS SQL and MySQL databases.

Doron can be reached at:

His main web site:
MS SQL Blog:
Alpha Development :
Convert MS Access to Web:

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