How to programmatically handle missing images with Alpha Anywhere

With many business applications, displaying images to represent data is a common requirement. From inventory tracking to keeping contact images on file in a customer database, images often feature heavily into data capture and display.

But as an application grows, users and developers are bound to come across missing images or broken image links at some point. That's why, with Alpha Anywhere - our newly released cross platform HTML5 application development environment - we've made the handling of these missing images as easy as possible for developers, meaning a better and more consistent user experience.

Programmatically handling missing images in a customer database

When a UX or Grid component displays images, there is a possibility that an image referenced in an image tag is missing. In Alpha Anywhere, a new onImageError client-side event allows developers to programmatically handle this situation and decide what image to display in place of the missing image.

In the video below, we'll use a customer database application that is missing contact images to demonstrate how with Alpha Anywhere this becomes and quick and easy solution:

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