Alpha CTO Dan Bricklin Featured in TabTimes

'Millions of custom apps are coming - and that's a good thing' - Dan Bricklin discusses the future of tablet and mobile app business development with TabTimes

The momentum behind Alpha Software and Alpha Anywhere ratcheted up this morning when we woke up to find our CTO, Dan Bricklin, featured on the front page of TabTimes, the authority on tablets, apps and mobile productivity. The Q&A article provides an overview of Dan's highly successful career in the software industry, his view of the tablet and mobile app business landscape, and looks at why he joined Alpha as CTO.

Dan talks about the need for millions of mobile apps to meet the needs of business, and that is why we created Alpha Anywhere, our recently released HTML5 cross platform development environment. It enables businesses to rapidly build the apps they need for mobile devices, as well as personal computers and touch-enabled devices,  through a standards-based component architecture that allows for extensive customization wherever it's wanted. As Dan puts it in the article, "Alpha [Anywhere] is very good at making it easy for developers to offer the common case features and then dive much deeper if they want to."

Check out Dan in TabTimes here →
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