Mobile/touch Computing is Here to Stay but the PC and Intel are Not Standing Still

Touch devices of all sizes are on the rise. Our next major release enables you to develop an app once and run it on every device.

We recently came across a this article in InfoWorld with the headline "Microsoft expects cheaper Windows 8 PCs and tablets this fall: Using Intel's new 'Haswell' Core and 'Bay Trail' Atom processors could lower prices dramatically and boost battery life".  As touch-enabled devices of all sizes become more commonplace, the message to software developers is clear: a mobile plus world means having the ability to develop an app once, and run it on every computing device.

The article's author, Tim Greene, writes:
Smaller, less expensive Windows 8 devices based on upcoming Intel processors are in the offing for later this year, the company says. The devices will be based on "Haswell" Core processors and "Bay Trail" Atom processors, both of which are designed for longer battery life, Microsoft's outgoing CFO Peter Klein said in the company's quarterly earnings meeting.

Those prices could be as low as $300 with "Haswell" Core chips inside devices such as Ultrabooks, detachables, and convertibles, says Intel CEO Paul Otellini ... Even cheaper devices -- in the $200 range -- could become possible using "Bay Trail" Atom chips in thin, light notebooks, he says.


Otellini (the CEO of Intel) says touch is key to Windows 8 adoption, and the new chip will enhance that, too. He says he recently switched to Windows 8 with touch and he thinks it's better than a Windows 7 desktop when using applications built for touch. "There is an adoption curve, and once you get over that adoption curve, I don't think you go back," he says. "And I think people are attracted to touch, and the touch price points today are still fairly high, and they're coming down very rapidly over the next couple of quarters."

What does this mean to Alpha Software and the next major release of Alpha Five?

Actually, this plays well with our view - based on feedback from users and developers using Alpha Five - that the PC will remain a key part of the business solution in the mobile plus era we have entered.

It also means that the User eXperience (UX) on PC's IS being influenced by the adoption of mobile devices.

Finally, it means touch interfaces that run on screens of ALL sizes, integrated in our upcoming Alpha Five v12,  are incredibly important and powerful.

We understand that the PC will remain an important fixture in businesses for many years to come -- it just may take a different form. Alpha Five v12 will address these changes to make sure companies are able to develop an app once, and run that app with native-like functionality all mobile devices and the web.
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