A developer's journey from Delphi to Servoy to Alpha Five v11

by Richard Rabins

One of the reasons that Alpha Five v11 has built up an enthusiastic following is because we are committed to innovation in an industry that demands innovation.
For example, since the release of Alpha Five v11 about 9 months ago we have already shipped  11 powerful feature packs with 3 more coming within days. All these feature packs are all designed to boost developer productivity.
The other reason behind the following that has built up around Alpha Five v11 is our focus on customers and making improvements based on real world suggestions that get fed back to us through our customer base.
As I have said before, the best part of my job is talking to customers who are having excellent results with Alpha Five v11 and who are constantly giving us suggestions for improving Alpha Five.  A good example of this is a recent conversation with Frank Bevers who is a developer who works with customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.
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