Video: Easily Adding a Wait Dialog While Ajax Callbacks are Taking Place

When it comes to user experience, sometimes a small change can go a long way. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the load time for your mobile application or mobile website. Users expect that your mobile app or mobile website will provide them with the same smooth experience as their desktop and web apps, and they can become impatient very quickly. According to a recent survey, 16% of mobile web users said they would abandon a page if it took between 1-5 seconds to load, while 3% said they would wait less than 1 second before abandoning the page!

But, sometimes a slow network connection creates a lag that is unavoidable. With the next version of Alpha, we've made it incredibly easy to add a Wait Dialog to your Ajax callbacks, giving your users piece of mind for the split second it may take an action to load.

How to improve the user experience of your mobile application or mobile website by adding a Wait Dialog during Ajax callbacks

This is accomplished globally by simply selecting the "Show wait messages on Ajax callbacks" property, meaning that for every Ajax callback, a wait message will be automatically shown and then hidden once the action is complete. Additionally, you can:

  • Use CSS3 animation
  • Customize the wait message text
  • Add a custom image to the wait message
While this is especially useful when you are developing a mobile website or a mobile application, because Ajax callback latency can be caused by many factors—including server load, network load, payload size, Internet congestion, etc—it is also extremely helpful for your traditional PC/laptop web and desktop apps. And, because the next version of Alpha's application development platform enables you to build apps once and run them on any device—be it a smartphone, tablet, ultrabook, desktop PC, or a 60" (or larger) touchscreen—you can be confident that the user experience will be a positive one no matter how they are accessing your app.

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