"Hello World" the classic example done in an Alpha Five context - Because sometimes you do want to code.

Alpha prides itself in letting developers build extremely rich data-driven applications without having to code. This is achieved through a process whereby the developer declares to one of Alpha's many components (by selecting from a very complete and extensive list of properties,) what behaviour he or she wants to "program" into their application. However through many years of experience in building software that is designed to empower developers and let them complete their applications as effeciently and quickly as possible, we know that developers want to have complete confidence that they can code  (at the client side, at the server side and at the database level) when and if they need to. This ability to use Alpha at both a very low high level of "programming" through the selection of properties in a component or at a very low level by coding is one of the core strengths of Alpha. Below is a very simple video showing the programming of the classic "hello world" example in  the UX component of Alpha.
UX Component Very Basic Programming Concepts - The 'Hello World' Example Many books that teach programming languages start with the ubiquitous 'Hello World' example in which they teach you how to put some text on the screen. In this video we show you how you can write text to a label control on the UX component. The example is very simple, and you can think of it as the 'Hello World' example of the UX component.The video then goes a little further and shows how data can be read from a List control to compose the message that is put in the label.Watch Video - Part 1 Watch Video - Part 2
More information on XBasic in Alpha Five v11. More information on Action Javascript and Javascript  and .Net support is shown here on the Wiki Also this thread on the Alpha message board shows how Alpha customers appreciate the ability to achieve productivity through the high level components in Alpha, but also like the fact that Alpha lets them code if and when they want to or need to in order to get a very specific result or behavior.
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Co-founder of Alpha Software, Richard Rabins focuses on strategy, sales, and marketing. Richard also served as CEO of SoftQuad International from 1997 to 2001, when it owned Alpha. In addition to his 30 years with the company, Richard played a key role as co-founder, and served as president and chairman of the Massachusetts Software Council (now the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council), the largest technology trade organization in Massachusetts. Prior to founding Alpha, Richard was a project leader and consultant with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), and a management consultant with Management Decision Systems, Inc. Richard holds a master's degree in system dynamics from the Sloan School at MIT, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and master's degree in control engineering from University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has served on the boards of Silent Systems, Legacy Technology and O3B Networks, and is co-founder of Tubifi


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