Programmable Web features the Alpha Anywhere HTML5 mobile app development environment -- The fastest way to become mobile proficient

Popular website Programmable Web just published an interesting take on Alpha Anywhere, our recently released HTML5 mobile app development environment. Following an hour long interview with Richard Rabins and Dan Bricklin, writer Mike Vizard poses this hypothesis: "the whole concept of being a mobile developer may eventually become as quaint as the phrase Web developer before it."
While mobile development is attracting most of the spotlight in the enterprise, and many businesses have adopted a "mobile first" strategy, that doesn't "necessarily  mean there needs to be a wholesale shift towards new application development tools," Vizard writes. Dan agrees with Mike:

"There will still be plenty of instances where native programming tools will still make sense for certain classes of consumer applications, but when it comes to business applications in the enterprise most organizations are going to favor more general-purpose approaches such as HTML5 that can be more cost effectively leveraged across multiple platforms. In essence, says Bricklin, history has shown time and again that it’s the ubiquity of the player that ultimately wins out when it comes to application development."

The Alpha Anywhere HTML5 mobile app development environment: Use familiar tools to build the apps you need

This is where Alpha Anywhere comes in. It's a development and deployment environment that lets businesses "develop applications that span a complete IT spectrum that includes everything from mobile devices to the cloud." And, they can do this using familiar tools, such as HTML5, Javscript and CSS. This is a tremendous advantage for businesses who will be able to build the apps they need using existing developers.

We heartily support Vizard's conclusion: "What’s more likely to occur is that the tools that most developers already are proficient with are about to become a whole lot more mobile friendly."
One of Alpha's most powerful advantages - the Alpha Community, and the new "App Launcher" in Alpha Anywhere
CTO Dan Bricklin featured in the latest episode of the Hanselminutes podcast

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