Dan Bricklin Infoworld Article -- When it Comes to Business, HTML5 Mobile Web Apps are the Way to Go

The battle continues to rage regarding the "best" way to build mobile apps for business -- the web or native. While many would argue there is no real "best" way, Alpha Software CTO Dan Bricklin makes an excellent case for why most developers should be focusing on JavaScript and HTML5 mobile web apps.

In an article published today in Infoworld titled "JavaScript beats native code for mobile", Dan highlights key reasons for why the web is the way to go when building mobile apps for business. Finally, the article demonstrates the need for a product such as Alpha Anywhere that lets businesses rapidly build and deploy HTML5 mobile web apps and hybrid mobile apps.
Continuous Improvements and Innovation -- What you Get with Alpha Anywhere
New - Classes on Javascript, JQuery and Xbasic for Alpha applications.

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