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Back in October, Alpha Software announced a training partnership with Twin Peaks Research that we believed would enable software developers to get the most out of their investment in Alpha Anywhere, the latest version of our award-winning rapid application development platform for rapid development and deployment of secure, responsive and scaleable business applications for the web and mobile.


Since then, the Twin Peaks Research instructors have trained many of our customers and, as you can see, the results certainly speak for themselves:

What They Are Saying


Frank Z

"I want to thank the Instructors and the staff at Twin Peaks Research for providing an exceptional learning experience for the Alpha Anywhere development platform. The training was conducted with the utmost professionalism. The classroom was state of the art. The Instructors created an open and relaxed atmosphere where everyone could participate freely with questions and concerns. Prior to Alpha Anywhere, I had developed for 15 years with Microsoft Access and had no web experience. Within one week of completing the Boot Camp and Advanced courses, I was able to publish a proof-of-concept mobile application for one of my clients. The application demonstrated data entry, advanced search and sophisticated reporting capabilities. I would strongly recommend these training courses to anyone who wants to quickly move their expertise with Alpha Anywhere to the next level."

- Frank Zwolinski

Mehta S

"I was very much impressed by the amount of coursework that was covered in just 2 days in the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced class, without rushing through any of it. The curriculum was excellent and so were the Instructors. They were very patient throughout the course; and, they made sure that everyone in the course followed each step in the training.

The most significant feature of this course was that it was very interactive (we were actually practicing while we were being taught, unlike other trainings where we just sat through the class listening to the instructors). Not only were they (the Instructors) available during the class, but I also received their cooperation (with some code that I was struggling with) after the class was over. The Instructors were very intelligent and joyful people and it was my pleasure to learn from them.

Overall the course was a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and was able to implement what I learned immediately when I returned to my workplace."

- Mehta Sagrika

Clarence M.

"The Alpha Anywhere Boot Camp and the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced courses that I attended were excellent. The teaching approach that was taken in both was extremely effective. We covered a tremendous amount of material in each course, yet there was still plenty of time for questions and to discuss related topics. These courses were designed to help us develop Mobile and Web business applications and that point was explained and reinforced very well throughout.

The title Master Instructor fit our lead Instructor perfectly. He had presence, patience and impressive product knowledge. He knew how to move the class along at the right pace, leave enough time for productive question and answer sessions, and was always encouraging class participation. And, our 2nd Instructor was an outstanding addition to the Twin Peaks Research team. He provided us with the coaching and troubleshooting that we needed to keep up with the material being presented. And, he was also an effective teacher in his own right because of his in-depth product knowledge and his understanding of how to apply that knowledge from a development standpoint."

- Clarence Martin


"I attended the Alpha Anywhere: Boot Camp and the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced courses. In short, the Instructors were first rate (and I don't give out compliments lightly). They were smart, knowledgeable, patient and accommodating.

It's an important 'teaching moment' when sometimes things don't exactly go according to script during in-depth training courses like these. It helps the students see how the Instructors go about figuring out real world problems themselves. And, our Instructors provided a reliable blueprint for doing just that.

In summary, the Twin Peaks Research training courses are definitely worth attending." - Peter J. Kraljic

When Twin Peaks Research called me a few days after I had signed up for the three day Alpha Anywhere Boot Camp course to ask me if I'd also like to attend the two day Advanced course that immediately followed it, I turned them down for two reasons. I really could not afford the extra two days away because of prior client commitments and I had a certain amount of skepticism regarding the content and depth of the Boot Camp course. By Tuesday evening, however, my doubt and skepticism having bitten the dust, I was scrambling to make phone calls in an attempt to reschedule those client commitments. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful and missed the Advanced course. This time.

Simply stated, the content and depth of the Boot Camp course was everything that Twin Peaks Research had said it would be.

I was extremely impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm that our lead Instructor brought to the table. His methodology was clear and concise and he always had time for questions and comments without sacrificing our forward momentum or the class interest level.

Rounding out the team, our second Instructor's knowledge and enthusiasm were equally impressive as he moved from person to person offering one-on-one help and explanations that were invaluable in making sure that no one fell behind during the course.

I am founder and CEO of mJJs Software, LLC and have been developing custom applications using Alpha Software products for 15 years. My three days at the Alpha Anywhere Boot Camp was an excellent and enriching experience and one that I highly recommend to Alpha beginners as well as advanced users like myself.

In my opinion, Alpha Software makes the best development platform for business applications on the market and it's now clear to me that the Twin Peaks Research training courses are the best way to learn how to take full advantage of the Alpha platform's development capabilities. - Jim Smith

"Having been in the software industry for over 20 years, I have attended many seminars, lectures, training sessions and conferences. So I can say with some authority that the Twin Peaks Research training courses I attended were outstanding; and, the Instructors were passionate, well spoken, and, above all, effective at furthering the knowledge, understanding and promise of Alpha Software's new offering, Alpha Anywhere. They were always willing to take the extra time during breaks or after class to further explain a concept or help solve a problem. In fact, even after the training courses were over, you have the feeling that they are people who you'll be able to rely on." - Peter Constantino

"I was delighted to attend your class last week. We had excellent Instructors. Before arriving I thought that I was going to be left in the dust as I am just a beginner. However, I found that the way in which the Instructors 'double teamed' the class gave me the attention I needed without slowing down everyone else. It was intimidating at first, given some of the advanced developers taking the “Boot Camp” course... that was until they had similar questions to mine. All in all, the instruction cleared up a lot and caused me to get into gear and start developing. The Getting Started video is very helpful, but my strong recommendation is that anyone purchasing Alpha Anywhere should attend the Boot Camp course." - Forrest Ferrill

"I truly appreciated the way that the Instructors passed along their knowledge about Alpha Anywhere to us. I learned a lot during the Boot Camp and the Advanced course about what Alpha Anywhere is capable of providing developers. I know that I'll be able to put to use everything that I learned. And, I can always rely on the great course materials that were provided, as well as what we were shown that's available context-wise.

My only concern is that the words (my inability to find the right English words, anyway) won't do justice to the great teaching that we received during the courses. It might sound like a cliché but it's the honest truth." - Sime Antanasov

"The Instructors did a terrific job in the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced class. I have been developing apps since DOS, have been using Alpha since version 9. Frankly, I thought I might learn a couple of things in this course but I ended up learning many new techniques. In fact, since the class, I’ve changed the application that I use in my business to include the updated ideas that I learned in class. This class was a profitable investment and I will be back for more. It has helped me speed up my development time and focus my development efforts so that my application will not only run on the browser on PCs, but on mobile devices as well." - Lee Vasic

To learn more about the training courses being offered by Twin Peaks Research, you can go to their website ( You can also contact Mark Flanagan, their Founder & CEO, directly at; or, at 781.229.4500, x84.


Alpha Anywhere is a  complete Platform for getting Mobile and Web Business Applications built and deployed quickly and cost effectively.

It is aimed at a broad base of developers and line-of-business experts for rapidly developing and cost effectively deploying robust and secure HTML5 and Hybrid (HTML5/Phone Gap) business applications.

–Everything needed is built into the platform  (front end, back end, connectivity to SQL and data from web services, reporting, charting, GIS, scheduling, multimedia, electronic forms, PhoneGap build integration and more). Also it can be fully extended by 3rd party tools and services
–One Code base creates responsive native experiences on any mobile device and the web
–Soon it will allow offline/disconnected applications to be built rapidly and without having to code – See Link.
–Its unique “Coding Optional” design provides the absolute flexibility of a code based approaches but with development times that are 5-10 times faster than code based approaches


Getting up to speed using Alpha Anywhere
Dan Bricklin, Alpha's CTO featured in InfoWorld's Special Report - "The Triumph of JavaScript"

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