Leopards May Be Fast, But in the Alpha Five Hosting Jungle the Surprise Performer is the Zebra

As many of you know, you can host your Alpha Five custom web applications at any ISP that offers Windows Servers or VPS machines.

However, many Alpha Five developers have chosen to host their apps at because of their competitive pricing,  excellent customer service and their knowledge and experience with hosting Alpha Five web apps for business.

Now Zebra Host can create load balanced hosting solutions for bigger database applications with thousands of users by taking  advantage of new solid state drives

Zebra Host has gotten off to a good start for 2013 with the deployment of a number of new Load Balanced Alpha Five custom web applications. These configurations have included dedicated servers running Solid-State Drives .

Unlike traditional hard drives, Solid-State Drives have no moving parts. They are quiet and deliver performance that is significantly better than traditional hard drives.

According to Clive Swanepol, the President of Zebra Host, in one implementation the customer experienced a seven-fold increase in performance when running a particular batch job. The job took 6 minutes compared with 43 minutes on his old configuration. Another customer had this to say:
Just wanted to give you the latest update on how much we love the new server. I ran the claims payout report today for the first time since the change. Previously it could take up to 30 minutes for this process to complete and during that time we could not access the website. Now with updated hardware and the Alpha Five v11 Report Server, it takes 10 seconds.  Thank you Zebra and Alpha!
Zebra Host uses Enterprise grade Solid-State Drives with single-level cell NAND Flash memory for greater performance and reliability.

Native Command Queuing enables up to 32 concurrent operations delivering the highest input/output per second of any Solid-State Drives on the market today. With these solid-state drives and their Load Balancing experience they are able to scale Alpha applications for faster response and more concurrent users  than ever before.

For more information on hosting for your custom web applications, please contact

Row expansion in the new "list control" in the UX component in the upcoming Alpha Anywhere - powered by Alpha Five v12.
Database Development with Alpha Five v11 and MS SQL Server: Using Linking/Control Tables

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