Video: Simplifying Mobile App Development by Using Predefined Templates to Create Stunning List Layouts

With the upcoming Alpha Anywhere (Alpha Five v12), our goal is to create a platform that takes some of the most common yet complex aspects of mobile app development and distills them into simple processes-helping mobile developers save extraordinary amounts of time and resources.

For mobile app developers focused on data driven development, creating an intuitive layout for the user is paramount. That's why we've made it incredibly easy to build sophisticated List layouts for your customer database, or any other web database, optimized for any mobile device.

Mobile app development with the new List Control

The new List Control in Alpha Anywhere allows for a great deal of flexibility in how the data in the List is rendered. It can be populated from multiple data sources, such as static data, SQL queries, custom Xbasic code and custom Javascript code.

While you can configure the List to use either 'tabular' or 'free-form' layouts, for mobile app development, the 'free-form' layout is most commonly used. When designing a free-form layout, you can select from a list of predefined templates. In the video below,  Selwyn Rabins shows how you can create a great looking List by selecting one of the predefined templates:

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