An Evolutionary Leap To An Era Of Ubiquitous Computing - Applications Need to Run on Mobile Devices and the Web

In their recent report "Understanding the 'Mobile Shift': Obsession with the Mobile Channel Obscures the Shift to Ubiquitous Computing" report, the Digital Clarity Group (DCG) offers a perspective on the profound transformational shift to mobility and mobile applications.

In this case, DCG argues that it has far less to do with computing devices or channels. Rather, it is an evolutionary leap to the era of "ubiquitous" computing.

Reports of the death of the PC and fixed web are greatly exaggerated

Most analysts agree that within 3 years there will be over two billion smart computing devices in the hands of consumers and employees worldwide.

However, as DCG points out, "Reports of the death of the PC and fixed web are greatly exaggerated." PCs continue to be the right platform for certain data-intensive tasks; and, mobile devices accounted for just over 10% of all internet traffic during 2012. So, the shift to Mobility is not necessarily about the shift from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones. Instead, it has to do with the shift away from restricted access to computing services, and towards ubiquitous access. The fact-of-the-matter is that Mobility, and mobile applications, have triggered this movement to ubiquitous computing where applications need to run on the traditional PC web as well as on mobile devices.

For an example of ubiquitous computing, lets assume you are a service company for repairing household appliances.

You most likely want your customers to be able initiate a service call and check on the status of the service call from their phone, their tablet or their PC. You probably want the technician to be immediatelynotified of the service call on their phone or tablet and then to be able update the service ticket from those devices and also to be able to take payment via credit card by swiping a card reader plugged into their phone or tablet. Finally, at the company head office,  you will want to run reports, queries, charts and analysis on a laptop or desktop device running on the web. In all these scenarios, users are all connected to the same database but have different roles to play in this application.

As a result of this ubiquitous computing trend , in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, software developers will ideally want a unified solution for building applications that are optimized for for the PC web and also for mobile devices from multiple manufacturers and in the various sizes that mobile devices now come in.

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