It Looks Like We're Finally Entering the Age of Personal Computing

A recent article by Charles Arthur, published in The Guardian, is packed with useful facts and figures, but seems to miss the critical point about the rise of mobile development from a software developer's perspective. We're entering an era when the computing device will be secondary to the user's ability to do their work anytime, anywhere.

Read the full article here and let us know what you think the future of mobile development means for the desktop PC and laptop

There is no question that PC sales are not growing, but the fact remains that in 2102 still over 352 million PC's and laptops were sold and the installed based of desktops and laptops will hold steady at about 1.5 Billion machines. It appears that many users will continue to  need the power and form factors  of a desktop PC or  a laptop. However, other factors, like mobility, convenience, new use cases and a new user experience, are leading people to purchase tablets and smartphones too. This shift, while causing great challenges for some companies, is creating tremendous opportunities for software developers who are focused on creating the next generation of business applications, through mobile development as well as development for the desktop and web. And, it is the reason why Alpha Software has spent the last three plus years creating a version of its rapid application development platform that will enable developers to create this new class of business applications that can run on desktop/laptop/phones/tablets in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
Mark D. Flanagan is currently a Strategic Advisor to Alpha Software and the Founder/CEO of Twin Peaks Research, a company that will be providing training and support for developers using Alpha Five. Previously, he was a Co-founder/CEO of TEAMworks Software, eVisioner, Envox Worldwide and Brooktrout Software as well as a senior executive at International Data Group, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Lotus Development Corp. and General Computer. Mark can be contacted at
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