Dan Bricklin: Why the Alpha Anywhere Mobile Environment Matters for Application Development and Deployment

When Dan Bricklin, Alpha Software's new CTO, started talking about his idea for a new, electronic spreadsheet, he was met with much resistance. Many to whom he spoke told him that there already were plenty of financial forecasting systems on the market, and questioned why the world would need his.

What they missed is that those existing systems were much too difficult for "mere mortals" to use.  As Dan writes, "fooling around with FORTRAN programs and waiting for printed listings were barriers that were either not worth surmounting for time or cost reasons or beyond their training." People needed something easy-to-use and understand that would let them "concentrate on the problem and solution."

Alpha Anywhere: A mobile environment for "mere mortals"

Fast forward 30 years and the same lesson can be applied to our new mobile environment, Alpha Anywhere. While it appears there are lots of options available for businesses who need to start integrating mobile apps into their operations, none of them provide a complete solution and most of them require far too much work and knowledge for the average developer. Businesses desperately need a mobile environment that will enable their existing developers to rapidly build and deploy applications that run not only on mobile, but also on all types of personal computers.

This business application was built in hours in Alpha Anywhere and runs on all major mobile devices and on personal computer


Demand for business applications for mobile is exploding according to IDC and Citrix

A recent survey conducted by Citrix's Zenprize found that 81 percent of businesses expect to deploy custom mobile apps in the next 12 months. A second survey, recently completed by IDC, reports that in the second quarter of 2013 there was a 43% increase in developers creating apps for businesses and their employees. In addition, 63% reported “increased” or “greatly increased” demand for enterprise apps in the past six months. That's a lot of apps that need to be built, and built quickly.

The promise of Alpha Anywhere is what brought Dan to Alpha, so sit back and take a look at why Dan thinks Alpha Anywhere matters:
Why Dan Bricklin is Alpha's new CTO, and John Cullinane has joined Joe Alsop as an investor and adviser
Tutorial - Using an Image Gallery Component within Alpha Anywhere to create image rich mobile applications driven by a database

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