Why do MS Access developers agree that Alpha Anywhere is the best option for Web and Mobile apps?

We've been interviewing Microsoft Access developers for several months, and it's remarkable how they uniformly agree that getting their clients to Web and mobile is best accomplished by switching to Alpha Anywhere. Using Alpha Anywhere, they were able to build web and mobile Microsoft Access applications to meet their customers needs. Each developer we interviewed explained why they preferred Alpha Anywhere to Access for building web and mobile apps. To make it easy to listen to all their arguments in favor of this switch, we've consolidated their podcasts into this handy little podcast player. You can click on the play button to listen to all of their comments in order, or jump to the topic that most interests you by clicking one of the headings. Clicking on a developer's picture will play all the comments by that person.

Alpha Anywhere's rapid application development platform makes it easy to integrate with access database to build mobile, web, and desktop applications. Back-end data sources can be easily swapped out, letting you switch from Access database to a SQL database without needing to build an entirely new application.

Adventures in Alpha Land: Interviews with Microsoft Access Developers Turned Alpha Anywhere

For even more details about how these developers use Alpha Anywhere with Microsoft Access and why they made the switch, you can listen to the full podcast with each developer:
Scott Binger
Peter Caspari
Arthur Fuller
David Kates
Coming Soon In Alpha Anywhere - More videos showing easy file upload and download to Amazon S3
Coming soon in Alpha Anywhere - pre-release is now available to subscribers

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