Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) Market Set to Skyrocket in 2017

What to expect in the enterprise mobility market in 2017? A new report from VDC Research, 2017 Enterprise Mobility Predictions, finds two very bright spots in the midst of otherwise average growth: The enterprise mobility management (EMM) software market and the mobile application development platform and tools market will see sizzling numbers.

In 2017, the report finds, the EMM software market will be “one of the most resilient segments with revenues projected to grow 25% in 2017, as overall spend exceeds $2.4 billion.” Growing even faster, the reports finds, will be investments in mobile application development platform and tools, with a more than 26% growth rate.

Why the big numbers in mobile application development platform and tools? The report notes that enterprises will roll out increasingly sophisticated mobile apps, and so they’ll need better development tools to build them. As a result, it concludes that “strong growth will be driven in part by the increased adoption and acceptance of mobile rapid application development (mRAD) platforms.”

Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) Leads the Way

mRAD is another term for a more broadly used one: Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD). It’s no surprise that VDC Research found that RMAD tools will lead the way to big growth in mobile application development platform and tools in 2017. Enterprises are having an increasingly difficult time finding mobile developers because they’re in such demand, and mobile development is a rare skill set. Paysa.com, a services provider for job seekers, recently released information showing that the average salary for a mobile programmer is $147,000, the second highest average salary in Silicon Valley. Paysa.com also found that only 4% of job seekers list having that skill set.

RMAD can solve the problem. It allows people without development experience to write mobile apps that can run on multiple platforms. It’s a simple-to-use, end-to-end tool that includes backend integration and front-end app development. The best ones use a low-code or no-code approach, allowing someone with little experience to quickly build a mobile app.

For details about how enterprises can use RMAD tools to let domain experts and line-of-business staff build powerful mobile apps for all platforms, see my blog Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD): The Solution for Mobile App Developer Shortage.

Alpha Anywhere is one of the most highly rated RMAD tools. InfoWorld named it a top mobile app development leader and enterprise users consistently rate it with near-perfect scores.

For more details about Alpha Anywhere’s RMAD capabilities, click here.