Free Whitepaper: Responsive HTML5 Web Application Design

Examining the need for responsive design and layout in HTML5 web application development

by Dan Bricklin, CTO Alpha Software
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A major challenge for developers of applications is to create something that works on multiple devices. This has led to the current movement to write applications, especially business ones that are not customer-facing, in HTML5 rather than native code. An HTML5 web application running in a standards-compliant browser or a native web view, is closer to “write once, run anywhere” than most native code, like Android Java, Microsoft C#, or Apple Objective-C.

These HTML5 web applications, are becoming more important as mobile browsers, in iOS and Android as well as FireFox OS, Windows, Chrome OS, are bringing more access to more device capabilities through JavaScript.

An issue with any app, HTML5 or native, is dealing with the different screen size variations. There are portrait and landscape orientations, 4- and 5-inch phone screens, 7-inch and 10-inch tablet screens, 11- to 27-inch personal computer screens, and 40+ inch flat panel displays in conference rooms and homes. The 10-inch screen of a touch-controlled tablet held in the hand needs buttons at least 1/2 inch or so in size to be reliably operated, while a mouse- or touchpad-controlled 11-inch laptop sitting on a desk can get by with much smaller targets to click.

In this whitepaper, learn how Alpha Anywhere enables you to rapidly build HTML5 and hybrid applications that can be built once and responsively adapt to screen sizes from 4 inches to 4 feet.

Download the full whitepaper on responsive HTML5 web application design here →

Responsive html5 web application design

The background behind the Alpha "video finder" designed as a responsive web and mobile application in Alpha Anywhere.
Alpha's "secret sauce" applied to built-in PhoneGap integration

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