Survey Shows A Massive Gap Between the Demand for Mobile Capable Developers and the Supply

A survey just published (Jun 6th, 2013) by Talent Neuron finds that mobile development talent demand outstrips availability. The survey states:

Alpha Anywhere mobile app development software

Supply of talent is definitely not being able to keep pace with demand and while job postings for mobile developers have doubled over the past two years, the number of registered developers is increasing only by 13%, thereby creating a huge gap. This rate of growth is expected until 2015.

"Why is there this acute shortage?"

Simply put, it is hard to acquire all of the skills necessary to build in the "post-PC" era, where business applications need to run on the traditional web (PC, Mac, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks)  and on mobile devices with multiple form factors from various manufacturers.

Examples of the skills required are: knowledge of SQL, server-side coding, stored procedures, web services, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Objective C, Java, Phonegap, and many more. Quite frankly, it's daunting.

How can developers take advantage of this gap to acquire a competitive advantage?

Alpha's upcoming release solves the problem faced by developers who need to rapidly become mobile capable. With only a modest learning curve, the product puts developers in a strong position for the present and the future. This recent video explains more about what is involved in building business applications in the "post-PC" era, why it is so challenging, and how our new product empowers developers to rapidly develop and deploy sophisticated business applications for any device.

Additionally, this video demonstrates an application built quickly in the new product, that takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, running on smartphones, tablets, and laptops running iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

Beyond mobile and the desktop: Touch

In the "post-PC" world we are seeing touch emerging as a popular new way of interacting with computers. This video shows an application running on a 48-inch touch monitor — the same application runs on the PC, smartphones, and tablets too!
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