Geoffrey Moore: "The Tide Has Turned" for Mobile Business Applications

by Mark D. Flanagan This post is part of Alpha Software's Linkedin Thought Leadership series. It highlights a recent article by Geoffrey Moore, noted author, consultant and venture capitalist, in which he states that the next five to seven years will be very productive for vendors serving the enterprise. More specifically, Moore believes that mobile business applications are one of several transformative areas that will attract significant ongoing investment. He states that its time for development talent to shift from the consumer market to the enterprise. From a mobile business application perspective, an intuitive and uncompromised user experience will be absolutely essential. This is why the development team at Alpha Software has focused so intensely on expanding the capabilities of Alpha Five to ensure that developers can create the next generation of business applications and run them not only on the latest tablets and smartphones, but on desktop PCs and laptops as the the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible. As always, Alpha Software is ready to support your efforts to use Alpha Five to create the innovative applications that your users now require.

Click here to read Geoffrey Moore's article "The Tide Has Turned", and his predications about the future of mobile business applications

When you get a chance, let us know what you think of Geoffrey Moore's piece and the opportunities that you have to develop mobile business applications with Alpha Five. Mark D. Flanagan is currently a Strategic Advisor to Alpha Software and the Founder/CEO of Twin Peaks Research, a company that will be providing training and support for developers using Alpha Five. Previously, he was a Co-founder/CEO of TEAMworks Software, eVisioner, Envox Worldwide and Brooktrout Software as well as a senior executive at International Data Group, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, International Data Group, Lotus Development Corp. and General Computer. Mark can be contacted at
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