InfoWorld Editor-in-Chief Column: "The Triumph of JavaScript" -- The Inevitability of JavaScript (Part of the HTML5 Approach) in Writing Mobile Apps

Recently, our CTO, Dan Bricklin penned an article for InfoWorld focused on the fact that the JavaScript/ HTML5 approach to web and mobile design and development is far superior to using multiple teams building the native code required for each device (and still needing another team to build the desktop app using HTML).

The article received a great deal of attention and generated much interest in the topic. Today, Infoworld's Editor-in-Chief, Eric Knorr took Dan's article to the next level with his column, "The Triumph of JavaScript." Knorr's column argues that, "JavaScript rules the web," and cites Dan's contributed piece as a supporting argument that for mobile design and development, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are king. Knorr writes:
In a computing era marked by a wild diversity of platforms, we need apps that can run on any device with a browser. Native apps may run faster and exploit platform-specific features JavaScript can't touch, but we're already living in a cloud world. Are you going to write a desktop or mobile app that runs on just one platform, or write one in JavaScript that anyone can use?
The answer, of course, lies in what type of application is being built. And, just as Dan concluded in his contributed article, Knorr notes that the JavaScript ecosystem has grown significantly, making it much more practical to build complex web and mobile applications with it. At Alpha, we believe in the practical usefulness of  JavaScript and HTML5, and that for most mobile and web business applications, Alpha Anywhere is the platform of choice with its productivity, usability, completeness and ability to build apps that easily adapt to are are optimized for screens sizes ranging from 4 inches to 4 feet or more.

Alpha Anywhere - Rapid mobile design and development using HTML5 and JavaScript

Alpha Anywhere is a development and deployment platform that lets businesses rapidly build complex, powerful business applications deployed using HTML5, with a minimal amount of coding. The system writes the HTML, JavaScript, and SQL and other server-side code for you but gives you the option to code if you want to. It meets the needs of businesses that must quickly mobilize their operations, yet continue to support the desktop, which remains a key part of the flow of many business processes. Eric concludes his column with the following:  "I have no idea how JavaScript can extend itself to enable developers to build, say, applications with the accumulated richness of a Microsoft Office. But strange as it may seem to see the future through a browser window, I wouldn't bet money against it." We could not agree more. To learn more about how Alpha Anywhere enables rapid mobile design and development, register for our upcoming webinar "Building Your First Mobile Business Application Using Alpha Anywhere," or go ahead and dive right in with the Free 30 day Trial Download Edition.
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