Transcript of Ben Bajarin's Podcast on the Apple Watch Paradigm

We've published the transcript for episode 15 of our Adventures in Alpha Land podcast series. You have to scroll down the page to reach the transcript. Ben Bajarin is a tech analyst who was given an Apple Watch weeks before it was made available to the public. Dan Bricklin interviewed him for this podcast, and Ben's insights on the watch interaction paradigm combined with Dan's depth of experience with new computing devices is fascinating. Instead of simply focusing on features of the watch, Ben explains how it will change the way developers have to think about watch apps:
... one of the things that really stands out is that this platform is designed for interactions that are measured in seconds, not minutes or hours.
Even if you think about factory workers, if you think about people who work in facilities, people who work in oil rigs, in construction, in all of these things, there's an interesting value proposition in that they're not standing there, sitting looking at a screen, or even at their phone or their tablet, because that requires two hands.
There's two new interaction patterns. The taptics one is the one that you hit on, which is basically the ability to give very distinct vibration patterns to specific notifications.
Read the entire transcript or listen to the podcast to learn more abut this brand new form of computer-human interaction.
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