Transcript of Dan Bricklin's Tablet Vision Podcast

We've published the transcript for the eleventh episode of our Adventures in Alpha Land podcast series. You have to scroll down the page to reach the transcript. Dan Bricklin is now leading the development effort at Alpha for a new tablet based application builder. As can be seen from this podcast, he has a clear vision of what this product should do and who should use it.
I think the people we're talking about are people for whom a desktop or a laptop computer would be inappropriate. They're people who are probably walking around. They're not in a fixed location or spending a lot of time in the same location, and that are standing up, the computerization has been really tough for many applications there, where paper has been quite good.
As the designer of the first spreadsheet, Dan has a unique history of computerizing what had previously been done only on paper. To hear how he plans to do this again for on-site data collection with tablets listen to the podcast or read this new transcript.
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